Friday, August 26, 2016

A Liberal is For Death

August 25, 2016
    What is a Liberal? A Liberal is a Canadian liberal who wants you dead, our country dead, brain cells dead, conscience dead, compassion dead, logic dead  and maybe, but not always himself dead.

Justin Trudeau hs one economic plan: to drive Canada into debt by reckless spending so that we are no longer are a viable country, independent and self- directing. We will be forced to dissolve into a people ruled by an elite.

Trudeau has one social plan: to drive Canada into a moral abyss where nothing is unthinkable, where all is tolerated and approved except moral absolutes . There is no right and wrong except the possibility of Right and Wrong.

Trudeau wants more abortion.Why? We are the most underpopulated country in the world. We have no laws restricting abortion but abortion is killing unborn babies so more abortion is needed.

Trudeau wants and got euthanasia and assisted suicide . He would not allow it considered, debated , deferred or amended. He pushed for and got legalised murder. Anyone can kill anyone ne on the OPINION he or she wanted to be dead.  Canadians are now stalked for snuff films and death cult victims.

A girl for most of her 35 years hated her parents. She wanted them dead. She told three thugs to kill them. She said “Nothing will happen to you. Everyone hates them.” That failed. The thugs aren’t even thugs  anymore.  When Justin and the Liberals became the champions of death she saw her goal realised. She actively worked for the Liberals and was a drug distributer for them among the natives.  She constantly waits for a chance that can be construed as a medical crisis so she can approve of their death.  Her parents cannot afford the risk of seeking medical care under Medicare for any reason. She is a classic Liberal in good standing.

Trudeau won’t let the Canadian Forces fight ISIS. In ten months he has driven up a debt of 31 billion at least. He has made Canadians vulnerable to predators from their own family members to to human trafficking. He is at present the No. 1 enemy of Canada and the Canadian people. He must be deposed.  Gay