Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our Saskatchewan

August 31,2016
     Two natives stopped at a farm house near Biggar, Sask. The farmer felt threatened  and shot one of them. He is presently on bail and charged with second degree murder. I have no opinion or special knowledge of the incident but I’d like to tell you of an incident in our life.

    We were travelling home from a speaking engagement in Hafford, Sask. when we got a flat tire. My husband is not at present physically able to change a tire let alone one at 10:30 pm.on a very dark night. I put up my hand in the hopes of getting help. I thought this would be easy on  Highway 102 our home gravel stretch but no one knows us on the shellbrook Highway.

    In three minutes a car came to a sudden halt, backed up and parked a few feet ahead of us. Two natives leapt out of the car and came to us in a fast run . As soon as John told them the problem in a few words, one man was on his back ,under the truck getting out the spare tire. A woman came to me and invited me to sit in her car to keep warm although it was already spring.  There were two children and a baby in the vehicle. Usually if you’re travelling with tired children at night you’d think that someone else can help this couple. She told me that they came fro Big River Reserve, that they recently got married and showed me her ring . She said that they had become Christians less than  a year ago. The radio was on gospel music.

    In twenty minutes the men were back, the truck was ready and the tools were back in place. They never asked for money or gave us time to offer some.

    Next day we got another flat and were helped at Bear’s Camp. Coming back from La Ronge we got another flat as the graders are really good at digging up the sharp stones after the ice is gone. Adam O. Charles from Stanley Mission helped us expertly and quickly. In a few weeks our social life on the road ended when a donor bought us four 8 ply tires.

    I just want to tell you about Our Saskatchewan. Gay