Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Winnable War that must be Won


Sept.29, 2016

    John and Gay Caswell of Brabant Lake are continuing their fight against Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia. They use the name that Canada’s Cardinal Collins uses: Legalised Murder.
    Gay Caswell states “ The law was brought in with coercion and subterfuge. The traditions of democracy were crushed under the Gestapo feet of bullying and deceit. No bill of any significance is ever passed in a few hours of debate and then have enforced enclosure . This bill changed Canada from a country with a Christian ethic to barbarism, from a democracy to a tyranny of eleven unelected , unknown people. There was absolute no need by any constitutional , traditional or Charter reason to pass such a bill.

    Under the Charter of Rights if the Supreme Court makes a decision that is in error, is itself against the Charter or is considered undesirable to one or more province or the country as a whole. democracy is safeguarded by  THE NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE .
A legislature, provincial or federal can pass a bill that states that ‘ Notwithstanding the Charter’ et c. et c.  And nullify the Supreme Court decision. That could have been done immediately after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Assisted Suicide.

    Parliamentarians and the public have been deceived that the Notwithstanding clause has to be ratified by all provinces and passed by Parliament by a long complicated process. In fact the Notwithstanding Clause CANNOT be removed from the Charter because it is already there.                               

    John and Gay Caswell will be speaking in Eston Bible Institute on Oct.03, at Athol Murray Collegiate, Notre Dame in Wilcox on Oct.04 and on Oct.05 at Briercrest Bible Institute, Caronport.     

    They encourage other communities and school especially fellow Northern ones to invite them. They appreciate the efforts northern communities are making to stop the suicide epidemic following the onslaught of the Liberal legalisation of murder.

For more information : Gay Caswell at 306 -758- 2041 (home) , 306- 758-2046 ( school)
Note: Brabant Lake does not have cell phones.