Saturday, October 8, 2016

Own your sin... then get rid of It.

Oct. 10,2016

    As we were travelling to speaking engagements against legalised murder we were visiting in other peoples’ homes.  I happened to mention that my husband while in Pre- Med published an article in our student newspaper THE DREADNAUGHT in 1981 on fetal experimentation . Babies were aborted intact so that their brains could be removed and ground. No one challenged the article but it certainly did not help John get into med. school.
I said it lightly and in a short version. The couple was incensed that I mentioned abortion in conversation. Although I heard that this couple was involved in abortion, officially it was their private past and apparently I was supposed to know that could not mention abortion around them.

    What about our past and present? John tried to get into medical school three times.  On the interviewing commitee was one of his lab instructor who was also seeking to get into med. school and was thus a competitor and in a position of conflict of interest. After the third time a rule was established that one could only apply three times.

    I encountered this woman while campaigning in 1982. She was yelling at me that my husband didn’t have a right to try to get into medical when he was wanting to deprive women of their “ rights”  . In short she admitted in high shriek that she stopped my husband from getting into med. school because of Our position on life.

    We’ve lived with a lot of disinformation campaigns.  A few examples of deliberate entrenched lies:
•     John has only grade 10 and he never went to university at all.
•    Neither of us are teachers and we have been just pretending that we are qualified to teach ,
 •    We believe , especially I, that all homosexuals should be killed, et c. et c.

    We are supposed to accept these lies and if we do not act like they are true some people get greatly offended. 

    Having an abortion is a very painful experience that keeps on hurting with increased intensity especially if you deny it. But we didn’t have the abortion . We can’t go to confession about that. We can’t join Rachel’s Vineyard. The person who had the abortion has to do these things. We’re not the problem. Not only that we’ve suffered enough from the abortion industry that we think we have a duty and a right to speak out.  We also have a duty and right to speak against euthanasia and assisted suicide. It may make people uncomfortable who have had their mother put down like an old dog but that is their problem and their sin, not ours.  It is not a sin to mention what makes some people uncomfortable. We also have our three AM cringes to endure.

    The solution: Admit your sin or sins. Help others to do the same.  Quit trying to make other people pay for your actions.  Own your sin.  Then get rid of it in the Confessional and start being part of the solution.  Gay