Thursday, October 27, 2016

Snuffing out God, Choice, and Music

October 27, 2016
    Brabant Lake is on its seventh day of booze and dope , participation optional, funded by the tax payer via the municipal office in La Ronge. The rationale is Hallowe’en. People who are working at quitting the b.&d. life style are succumbing. After all one doesn’t turn down a free government programme.

    One of the goals of the Hallowe’en push is to isolate the participants of L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord, the mission school. You go to that school, you don’t get a month long party for you and your family. But it doesn’t stop there.  The mission school has always been tapped. It is common knowledge.  Mr. Gideon Cook, Northern Lights School Division  Henchman threatens the parents and students through so called information. Students, adults or children have been known to whisper their reading lessons in the hopes of being undetected.

    Gideon Cook and Northern Lights also likes to be ‘helpful’. They pass on recordings, edited, false or other wise to let them know when a supposed terrible crime is being commited such as a teacher raising her voice, chastising someone et c.  Recently a very enthusiastic music student hopped and danced her way home . A day later we were told that she doesn’t go to school because she is ‘scared.’  Of what ? Mr. Caswell asked . Of me  was the answer. Is this why she runs TO school and usually gets there before the  bell?

    This child is the type of Our Lady of the North School student that the public school can’t stand. She is exceptionally talented especially in music and we are the only school for hundreds of miles who even sings O Canada. Like many Northern children she was under challenged ,under worked , and under disciplined.  The people who are the controllers of the local public school cannot stand high standards. Marijuana has been a popular way to stop students from succeeding. Former students have many experiences of hiding in the bush to prevent booze literally pored down their throat.

    Our Lady of the North School is an independent private school . In French the name is L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord and was founded March 25, 1996, It is the only Catholic School north of Prince Albert. It exists solely on private donations. To this day none of the teachers have received any personal income.  Under no circumstances , legally or illegally such as wire tapping, hidden cameras et c is the school  answerable to Northern Lights School Division in whole or part.  Gay