Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yes to Canadian Values

Nov.24, 2016

    Is there such a thing as a set of Canadian values ? Some of the candidates in the Conservative Leadership race say no. Some say yes.  I submit our Canadian values are Christian values. We have been in many ways a captive nation since Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister .  He was a Globalist when the globalists were called communists or, to use Lenin’s word, socialists . Every anti- Christian direction Canada has taken has been done by two generations of Trudeau .
    In 1969, Bill # 1 in the Pierre Trudeau goverment swept aside the basis of Christian morality.  The Omnibus  Bill  legalised homosexuality, legalised contraception, legalised abortion and legalised sterilisation.    Poof ! It was a four prong attack on Life and Family.

    No one imagined that the Roman Catholic Trudeau from the Quebec Establishment would  manouver and strike at the very heart of Christianity in his first tabled legislation . The country and the Church were not prepared for it. They were not prepared to admit that parts of the Canadian Church were  in rebellion against Rome and the Pope. One just waved a magical wand and canted “ IN THE SPIRIT OF VATICAN TWO” three times and all was well. Others were so shocked by the legalisation of abortion that they dismissed from the fight the insidious nature of granting legalised approval to the anti- life mentality and practice of homosexuality, contraception and sterilisation.

    Canadian democracy reflected the dignity and conscience of the individual who is made with free will and in the image of God.  Trudeau side stepped parliament to make a country in his own image which was pro- communist, radical feminist and coercive. If Trudeau and his minions who followed, suspected that the wheels of democracy would not roll over an issue he and they simply used Order- in- Council , that is the fiat of the Prime Minister’s Office.

    That was not enough . Trudeau using Socialist Chretien and Socialist Romanow turned a country where Parliament was supreme to a country where parliament is expected to rubber- stamp Supreme Court whims. It is expected to do so  at the court’s  time frame, direction and approval. Even the Constitution and Charter of Rights are not exempt from the arbitrariness of the Supreme Court.  The Notwithstanding Claus? Don’t mention it. Pretend it doesn’t exist or pretend it  has so many hurtles that it is impossible to use.  Right to Life ? Pretend that life is not the opposite of death but only a synonym where life and death mean the same thing.

    Every severe departure from our Christian consensus was brought about by cercion and deception. Our Canadian values have been hijacked into secular globalism. Who we were and who we are is being defined by the enemy within and without.

    I want our country; Christian, strong and free on a return ticket. Gay