Monday, November 28, 2016

It's time for Justin to go.


    Justin Trudeau , Prime Minister of Canada hates Canada and virtually everything about Canada. He hates democracy and parliamentary procedure.  He has proven that, by pushing through the legalised  Murder Bill after a few hours of debate.  He believes that the purpose of Parliament is to rubber- stamp the knee- jerk machinations of nine appointed Justices of the Supreme Court. He hates Life, preferring instead Death especially the death of the unborn, the sick, the elderly , the handicapt.  It disturbs him that this huge, vastly underpopulated country doesn’t have more abortions. He insists that the killing should be increased everywhere especially in provinces which have driven out abortion.

    Now he has reminded us that he loves cruel dictatorships like his father did before him.
    Fidel Castro, a dictator of fifty seven years has died a few days ago. Castro turned a tropical paradise where everyone could at least feed himself and his family to one in which there is massive starvation . Women and girls sell their bodies simply to stop from starving to death.  In a climate and land that could support three or four crops a year people  beg tourists for the chicken bones off the table.

    In July 26 ,1959 Fidel Castro drove into Havana, Cuba’s capital, on a military tank amidst cheers and flag waving.  Around his neck was a crucifix. He used Catholicism to assure the people that he was one of them.  However his true position became apparent. He said : “The Church is the scaffold on which I will build my revolution.”   A scaffold is the structure that is erected  to build something quite different and permanent. Then the scaffold is torn down.  Just so ,Castro pretended to be loyal to the Church to gain power.  Then he attacked the Church , the Catholic people, Catholic schools, Catholic property and Catholic teachings of the Sanctity of Life , respect for justice, and the Conscience of the Individual.  He drove out many priests and imprisoned, tortured and killed others who remained
    Likewise, Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin used and are using Catholicism to attack all that is Catholic, especially the basic Right to Life.

    The Trudeaus are long time cronies of Fidel. In the height of the Cold War with Communism at its most exposed and blatantly ready for world subjection  Pierre Trudeau went on a world hugging Commie tour. Mao Tse Tung, Khrushchev, Castro, he loved them all.  As for Justin , even NDP leader Mulcair couldn’t stomach his loyalty to Red China.

    According to the constitution of Cuba “ the Communist Party is the highest leading force of the society and of the state.”   Castro, Cuba’s communist dictator,  attended the funeral of Pierre Trudeau and his son brags about it.   Justin wrote a  public a eulogy praising  the accomplishments, the family, his brother, everything about the late Fidel.  When the praise of a tyrant is criticised in Canada and the United States Justin defends it with no equivocation..

    On the strength of that letter alone Justin Trudeau should resign from being the Prime minister of a country that he despises . He hates democracy. He loves Communistic dictorships. He hates prosperity. He loves poverty and starvation. He can’t think. He can’t care. He doesn’t see suffering and cruelty. He is a robotic cheer leader for oppression. It is time for Trudeau to go . It is time for Canadians to restore and rebuild Canada to the Christian and democratic  country it once was.  Gay