Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Justin Trudeau- Red Diaper Baby

 Nov.30. 2016
St. Andrew’s Feast Day

    Now that Canada’s Prime Minister has got the attention of the world thanks to his faux pas of praising murderous Castro at Castro’s demise , I’ll take the opportunity to give a quicky history of why Canada is killing her own people  and why our Prime Minister praises despots.

    Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson of Canada  was a Communist.  He was part of the Cambridge University  Spy Ring , known as The Cambridge Four but actually the Cambridge Five as astute historians will point out.  Pearson became the leader of a once free enterprise party, The Liberal Party of Canada.  Gouzenko , a clerk in the Soviet embassy of Canada defected bringing  a sheaf of evidence to the OTTAWA CITIZEN into the hands of reporter Paul Jackson.  Gouzenko  shocked America and Canada by naming names, convincing the RCMP and the CIA of deep entry Communist infiltration. Many were not amused at the scrutiny of Senator McCarthy and the Committee of UnAmerican Activity.  McCarthy was vilified, persecuted and dismissed as being on a witch hunt. The epithet McCarthyism was coined and was defined as a person who has an irrational fear of the political left and who smears reasonable people.  The problem was McCarthy and his committee unearthed a lot of Communists who were indeed Communists nd a threat to the Free World.  Here is one example:
    Herbert Norman was Pearson’s choice in External Affairs for what is known as the Suez Canal Crisis.  Washington was not pleased to have a person with known Communist connections in such a sensitive position.  They objected.  Norman was upset about the alleged smear campaign against him. He supposedly killed himself because  his reputation was tarnished and he could not prove his innocence .   In reality Norman was indeed a Communist taking orders from Communist Pearson who was controlled by the Soviet Communists for their interests. In reality Norman was pushed from a building in Cairo, Egypt by the Communists because they feared he would be exposed as their agent.

    There is considerable evidence that Norman’s spying helped bring about the Korean War . He stated that Washington would probably let Korea go Communist . Thus the Soviet Union believed that Korea could be taken. 

    Pearson recruited Socialists Marc Lalonde, Jean Chretien , and Pierre Trudeau into the Liberal Party. None of them were members of the Liberal Party at the time. Pierre Trudeau had a magazine CITE LIBRE , which was communistic . His left views were so extreme  that the Quebec NDP rejected him as a candidate.  Marc Lalonde becama Minister of Health and advanced abortion even for the to the purpose of fetal experimention. Chretien became Minister of Indian Affairs and other portfolios.  Pierre Trudeau, without being elected became Minister of Justice.  It is very unusual in Canadian politics to have a cabinet minister  who is not elected to any seat in Parliament.

    P. Trudeau quickly did some house keeping, destroying all the Gouzenko papers and the files on P. Trudeau. In the Liberal Leadership race Trudeau styled himself as the young and cool choice by lying about his age. When he became leader more than one delegate knew that they had lost their party to the Left.

    Trudeau talked about turning the direction of the  Ship of State just a few degrees left so eventually the course of Canada would be greatly changed.  He nationalised as much as he dared. He attacked provincial jurisdiction , thus flouting the British North America Act. He diminished and demoralised the military.  He flagrantly aligned himself with Communist regimes such as Cuba ,the Soviet Union and Red China. Castro was an old school buddy and long time family friend .

         Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  son of Pierre,  was what is known as a Red Diaper Baby . He grew up in the Communist Faith and in the practice of abusing the Catholic Faith to gain political power. What Prime Minister Justin said in his eulogy of Fidel Castroo was not  just the result of toking up too much but reflected the family tradition of despising Canada and praising Comunist regimes.