Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lock him up!

Dec.07, 2016

    On Day 85 of the American count down to their election we discovered PATRIOT CHANNEL.  After the Trump Victory we heard that he was president of just the United States of America and not like Obama, President du Monde ( President of the World ) so we relaxed and started checking out what’s happening on the home quarter, that is Canada.

    We discovered THE REBEL Channel and rediscovered Ezra Levant. What fun .  Here is a sample of Levant Rant.  Levant is describing a member of the Establishment Media.
  “He gets out his adult colouring book and stares at a picture of Justin Trudeau until he calms down.”   The description  is perfect.
    Ezra is describing the reaction of the Media- Government Establishment to an anti- carbon tax rally in Alberta where for 20 seconds people chanted ‘Lock her up’about Mrs. Notley NDP Premier of Alberta.
    A bit of history flash back folks. When Papa Trudeau was Prime Minister he drove past some unemployed demonstrators . He rolled down the window and shouted ‘ Mangez la merde!”  ( eat s—). People were incensed that the prime minister would say such a thing to peaceful demonstrators. Now the Prime Minister can do and say anything and the people of Canada especially unemployed westerners are ridiculed, censored and treated with disgust.

      Let’s get the bad guys and the good guys straight. Our Prime Minister just told the
 world that he admires and revers a Communist Dictator. Fidel Casto had turned a sustaining tropical economy to one where doctors have to prostitute themselves to get enough to eat.
Everyone spies on everyone and everyone is afraid of everyone. This tyrant murdered , and terrorized a people for 60 years.  Our Prime Minister puts up this  Castro as a larger than life figure, a role model and is proud to call him a family friend.  This is bad, very bad and very serious.
    Canada has a Prime Minister who admires tyranny and brutal control. This Prime Minister just bought, no competition allowed , a one and a half billion IBM computer . He claims that this would make weather reports more efficient.  We need a one and a half billion dollar improvement on our weather reporting? Or is it a one and a half billion dollar better system to spy, report on and control Canadians?

     To enslave people a tyrant or a tyrannical clique first ridicules and degrades people such as Hitler did to the Jews. You reward others who are willing to despise them.  You treat the despisers as part  of the elite, the in- crowd and the despised as inferior humans who are disposable and an impediment to your lifestyle   Trudeau does this to people who live by Judeo- Christian values, who have to work for a living or are vulnerable such as the aged, the handicapt , the unemployed and of course, the unborn.

    Trudeau has only contempt for Canadians and for Canada. He admires tyrants and wants to be one. That is very bad and very serious. Some people shouting “ lock her up” for a few seconds to a politician who is taking away their jobs is just part of the scenery of a country who is being herself again.   Gay