Friday, December 16, 2016

I Want Harper Back!

Dec. 16. 2016

    Last night I watched a horror movie. Horror movies are not my preferred but John thought this should be educational . It was starring an arrogant double faced, duel citizenship  Liberal called Kevin O’Leary who is toying with the idea of buying the Prime Minister spot in Canada. He is pretending he is a Donald Trump waiting in the wings. He thinks Canada won’t notice that there are a few differences besides the hair.  He says Canadians are great military peacekeepers. That is our role but it doesn’t matter what side we’re on.

    Kevin is trylingual. He speaks French, English and Globalism. Canada doesn’t need an independent foreign policy. We get to be the police man on the block while others get to decide the rules. Are you on the side of ISIS, peaceful Muslims, Israel? Forget it. We’ll be the international bouncers keeping the drinking tidy while others create slaughter houses like Rwanda and Syria.

    Marijuana ? Oh Kevin is very enthusiastic about marijuana. .He wants it legalised to control it.  Really. We’ve lived in northern Saskatchewan where marijuana was made virtually legal by virtue of no prosecutions.  There are  burned out young people who short of a miracle will never hold a job, never get married, never sire a child or become pregnant. They started toking up at 10 years old. Now , Kevin how does one control poison by making it legal?

    Assisted suicide? He said and I quote. “ It’s time to make peace with our seniors.”  We’ve got to make them happy they do in Switzerland. Make our country as a place for death tourism ?  That sounds like the proverbial “ We had to destroy the village to save it. So Kevin wants to make our seniors happy by killing them.

    There’s more but that was more than enough. This person honestly thinks that Canadians can be deceived into voting for him as an alternative to a mindless pot head who has exactly the same views as he, except he claims he can create jobs. What kind of jobs? Efficiently killing the brains and bodies of young people while making seniors happy by happily killing them?

    I want our Prime Minister Stephen Harper back.  The CBC voted against him. George Soros and the Clinton crowd paid the bills for his defeat. Prolifers like Jim Hughs gave the defeat an assist. Campaign Life Coalition put out a newsletter that was mailed three weeks AFTER the election that detailed the sterling pro- life , pro- family record of the Tories.  Prior to the election and in the election time tere were no bill boards, no public pamphlets, no serious pro- life activity . And the Tory advertising campaign? .
Hows this ? “Stephen Harper isn’t perfect but he’s balanced the budget.” That from the Tories!!!

    Well we have a Prime Minister who is perfectly terrible, perfectly irresponsible, perfectly fascist in his idolisation of Fidel Castro. Are the Tory back room boys and girls happy?
    The Patriot Channel has got it right. Andrew Wilkow has stated that it was American help that defeated Harper. It was the same American source when Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State threatened Harper that there would be very serious consequences against the Canadian economy if he continued in his prolife initiatives.
There’s a new crowd in Washington and I want our good, sensible, Christian Stephen Harper back in Ottawa leading the Tory caucus which is full of good sensible pro- life people.  Gay