Tuesday, January 3, 2017

10 reasons why Justin Trudeau must RESIGN NOW

Jan.03,  2017
Feast of the Holy Name

    Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada as a puppet to foreign interests of Canada.  He does not support our democratic institutions. Our heritage, our history our economic interests.  The voters and tax payers of Canada are not his boss. He has other bosses. Ergo , he is the country’s enemy. Here are ten reasons why Justin Trudeau must resign as Prime Minister of Canada NOW.

 I.  Justin Trudeau wants to dissolve Canada into a soup of One World Government ruled by an elite. In short he wants Canada as the Dominion, the Country of Canada to be destroyed.

II. Justin is in the pay and is  loyal to George Soros and his elite. George Soros is a communist aka progressive, socialist, globalist who funds and creates groups that will help bring about a one world government that is anti Christian, anti democratic, and anti Jew .

III. Justin wants the organised killing  of undesirables who are not in his best interests to exist.  His Liberal Party is a tool to rid Canada of the “ useless mouths” and political enemies of his world view.

IV. Justin expects Liberal Party Members to get rid of their own family members who are undesirables through abortion, suicide , and euthanasia . Trusted  Liberals are instructed  to deny pro- life family members access to targetted individuals who are wanted for extermination. Children are expected to help get  rid of their own parents who are guilty of Wrong Thought or are dependent on help from others.

V. Justin gives away Canadian tax payer dollars to countries, groups, individuals without Canadian parliamentary authority, approval or even knowledge. He began this practice BEFORE he was sworn into offivce.

VI. In Justin’s first year of office Canada went from a country with a balanced budget to a country with a $110 billion deficit. He wants Canada bankrupt to make it easier to hand us  over to George Soros and the ONE WORLD ORDER crowd.

VII. .Justin supports the myth of global warming and the fantasy of global warming because Canadians drive trucks and  combines, and feed and water cattle. He wants to grab more taxes to give away more of our money to communist regimes like China.

VIII. Justin aligns Canada against our allies and protects our enemies. He refuses to fight ISIS , which is a proven enemy of Canadians. He refuses to protect Canadians from terrorists inside our borders and wants to open our borders to more terrorists .

 IX. Justin wants free speech for only certain groups of people with certain views and lifestyles. Not only does he want to repress the views of those who support families, Christian morality and the public protection of the Bible, he travels the world at our expense to preach intolerance of Judaeo- Christian morality.

X Justin Trudeau works to pit Canadians against Canadians. He wants to divide us according to our ethnic origins, to put Canadian Indians into a political compound run by people of his choosing making us no longer Canadians but puppets of a One World Government to be eventually exterminated as genetic undesirables or useless  deplorables.    Gay