Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Quebec Health Plan:Rob and Kill

Jan. 10, 2017               
    While watching one of many short documentaries on George Soros I saw familiar footage of Jews lying on the grass after being stripped of their possessions and then shot. The documentary explained that George Soros while a boy of 14 posed as a non- Jew to deliver notices  to confiscate Jewish property before they were shipped away to be killed. It struck me this is like the Quebec Health Care Plan of today.

1.Quebec Health makes well to do people wards of the state. In this case our nephew then 30 was declared schizophrenic after his father died in2004. We went to Quebec to the province’s Supreme Court . The law clearly stated that the person to be considered to be confiscated as state property was to be brought before the Judge. Our nephew was not in court nor have we ever been allowed to see him.

2. When we arrived back in Saskatchewan in the mail was  letter dated BEFORE  our court appearance and stated that the Public Curator had made our nephew a Person in Need of Protection .  We are named as my brother’s heir and responsible for his son as much as he needs help.

3. The Quebec law states that a decision of the Court makes any will null and void after a person is declared public property and all assets are confiscated. There is no compelling reason to help make someone well and independent but a great incentive to make or pretend to make a person sick and independent.

4. Our nephew has sent us a picture the first page of the will which verifies what the social work has told us when she phoned us in Brabant Lake, with a last name other than my brother’s. Our nephew has also sent us financial statements, photos of bank and credit cards and other documents. The assets would be at least around 2.5 million.  Our brother knew we were building in northern Saskatchewan and wanted to help us. He also with good reason did not trust his son to Quebec authorities so put him in our care although it would seem with a bit of help this person with at least two years of University could live fully and independently.

5. We know our brother’s lawyer because his name is on legal documents that we were sent. His name is Mr. Stephane La Rose Q. C.. He refuses to deal with us after pressure which includes the public curator’s office sending back our letters to him.

6. We hired a Montreal  legal firm Samuels and Samuels.  They betrayed us, did less than nothing for us and said “ Oh well you didn’t pay us very much.”

7. The nephew is still alive due to our continual contact. If we stop we assume that they will decide that he needs to be euthanised . 

     In court the judge stated that we were treated no differently than any other family. The social worker ( who liked us ) said a lot of families don’t like that we take over their gamily member but then they eventually accept it.

    They accept it like the Jews accepted being robbed by the Nazis. They had no choice.
    By the way my brother’s name was Eric Wallace White. His accomplishments as head of the Canadian Space Agency can be seen on the Canadian Five Dollar bill.   Gay