Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hood Robbin: How Justin steals from the poor to give to the rich.

Jan.19, 2017
Epiphany for the Ukrainians

     Robin Hood, at the time of the civil war between the House of York and the House of Lancaster in England had a band of merry men who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Our Prime Minister has a band of merry persons who steal from the poor to give to the rich.  They do not wear linden green as camouflage in the forest but prefer private tropical islands in Nassau. 
     After the exposure that Justin Trudeau and his family has taken ten holidays out of the country in his first year of office he must have felt rather peckish . After all he is not used to being criticized or made accountable . Therefor he decided to take a holiday at New Years to Nassau to visit his, according to him, very old bud who is a long time family friend , the Agha Khan , the spiritual head of a Muslim sect.

    Well it wasn’t really a holiday but according to him a working holiday. That is why the party flew a government plane to this Caribbean paradise and included the Liberal Party President . .  Psst. The Liberal Party really isn’t a branch of government. Perhaps she was included as a reward because in the Lethbridge by- election the Liberals got 23 per- cent of the vote.  They landed in Nassau then took the Agha’s private helicopter to the Agha’s private island.

    The Agha is a philanthropist. That means that he is rich and gives a lot of money away, to what he deems,  worthy causes. Justin therefore gave this rich man $45 million of Canadian tax payer money. This incidentally, coincided with the arrival of Trudeau’s carbon tax. As stated in the PA Co-op a man had an 80 dollar fuel bill which jumped to $120 after Trudeau’s carbon tax and Premier Rachel’s carbon tax.
    There is a tax on the man’s truck, and every piece on farm machinery . There is no tax to the Agha’s helicopter or on the government jet liner.  If you’re rich and are an Agha you don’t pay carbon taxes .  The ten international holiday plus this one are fueled  by air, as Trudeau apparently believes or are fueled by the Canadian tax payer which according to Justin is the same thing.

    Canadians have a $110 billion  projected deficit that Trudeau created after the Tories had a balanced budget.  It would seem this is not the time to give away $45 million dollars to a rich man even if he throws a good party. It would seem that there are people who need the money more. Why not give to St. Theresa of Calcutta’ sisters while they work among the poor including in northern Alberta? Or to the Mennonite Central Committee people who risk their lives helping people fleeing Muslim terrorists in Syria?

    Oh, Justin and party prefer the Agha’s spread over a bowl of cracked wheat in a Calcutta slum? Or refugee camp rice bowl?

    Just to keep the Agha party going Justin has promised another $55 million of Canadian money in 2020. He won’t even be in office then.  Gay