Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sol Alinsky is still polluting the Faith

Feb.22, 201t7
    Last summer there was a “Reconciliation” event in a Saskatoon park. Then Bishop Bolan was there but Confession was not on the agenda . There was Pow Wow music that disturbed a lot of the Indians who attended. A native lady who said that she was a Minister talked to a woman with four children. They were discussing how much they disliked the music. The lady Minister said that she too was opposed to it “ but she would pray over the children and cover them so that they would not be harmed by the pow wow drums. ” Is there something wrong with this picture? Why is a bishop promoting a pagan rite that offends Christian natives? When do we get to tell him that we don’t want to be involved in pagan music that offends our spirit?

    One thing is certain that it won’t be I who will tells him. Now Archbishop Bolan spends a great deal of time talking about me but never, never talks to me. Perhaps he considers as part of preferential option for the Poor he only talks to people who already agree with his assumptions and is quite certain that I am only a long term short of money person and not The Poor.

    Bishop Bolan told a former colleague from the legislature that he is very opposed to our school and to us. Now the non- Catholic good fellow lives in Moose Jaw, never to my knowledge part of Bolan’s diocese.  We live 800 miles from Bishop Bolan and have never met, never talked on the phone , never exchanged letters. Is this Bolan’s idea of Social Justice, never give the Enemy a hearing and don’t let her or him know that the Verdict has already been given?

    But he doesn’t stop at talking to us to a Moose Jaw non- Catholic. He contacts our sons in Chicago and tells them what we are doing wrong and what we aren’t allowed to do.  At present our Archbishop is His Grace Murray Chatlain whose Chancery office is in Le Pas , Manitoba . It is not Bishop Perry in Chicago ( although that would be very nice).  Fr. Joshua and Fr. Nathan are wet- behind- the- ears good priests whose only authority they have over us is that they are priests .

    I can imagine what Bolan says about us but I would rather not discuss imagination. but issues and that face to face. For starters it was a Liberal government in about 1966 under Communist Lester B. Pearson that began funding heavily the revival and creation of
“ Native Spirituality”. The “ missionaries” were Sol Alinsky trained Company of Young Canadians . They flooded Indian reserves to convince the natives that the Catholic Church and the Priests were your enemies and are there to deny your true culture and to stop you from having your conscience raised to understand that you are victims of Canadian - British Imperialism.
    Their target was the Catholic educated native leaders that needed to be weaned from Catholicism. Since this was difficult to do it had to be done in stages of polluting the Faith. The Federation of Sask Indians was established so people like the late Ernie Tootoosis had lots of money and resources to recreate and create a new so called Traditional Religion.  This new religion was needed  because the long term plan was to bankrupt the Churches over bogus claims against residential schools. A new religion had to be invented so the claim could be made that the Churches deprived natives of their culture . It was a long term, well thought- up Communist Plot of at least fifty years.  Stay tuned and hold on to your feathers boys. Gay