Friday, February 24, 2017

God deals with us individually.

    In Margaret Epp’s autobiography WALK IN MY WOODS she states “ One thing I know, Jesus deals with individuals, and deals with us individually.” Margaret Epp (1913- 2008 )  was a Mennonite from Waldheim, Sask. who taught herself to be a writer by working almost eight hours a day. Her books stress that it is not enough to be a Mennonite but one needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. An ethnic culture, even a Christian ethnic culture cannot lead one to heaven. God deals with us individually.

    God deals with all of us including ethnic natives individually. Isn’t it time that all our Church leaders deal with us as individuals?. We don’t need pow wow music in a Saskatoon Park to be reconciled with... what ? White men? er sorry, white persons? other natives? the pain and suffering of the residential school we never went to?  We need to be reconciled with God . God has given us the Sacrament of Confession . We confess our sins, that is our individual sins , state an act of contrition ( an I’m sorry statement ) and the priest on behalf of Christ gives us absolution. It’s a deal , In exchange for our sins, once we confess , Christ wipes our slate clean.
    The Communist political organiser aka Native Studies professor states natives have to understand that they are victims. White culture is the oppressor . There is no place for sin. Therefor there is no place for accountability. Northern Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate per capita in Canada because ... there are more oppressed natives? Or is it really because for fifty years they have been taught that they are not accountable but only victim?

    One of the alleged victims of residential schools is Noel Starblanket . He received a huge sum of money because he went to a residential school.  He also I understand was named as an aggressor by residential school students when he was employed at the school. I mention him because I encountered him as a would be - rapist in my university student home.

    So Noel Starblanket was paid with tax payer money because he went to residential school. His alleged victims ( no proof needed) were paid with tax payer money because of the actions of Noel Starblanket.   Starblanket is rewarded with government money. His victims are rewarded with government money . No accountability all down the line. 

    A priest offered to cook fish and bannock for the “victims” of residential schools. These so called victims were busy leading the prayers and the singing at Mass . And their wives make very good bannock. It would seem the priest should stick to the confessional where he is needed and let the good cooks of the parish stick to the bannock and the fish.

    Non- natives get to have Confession not pow wow music. Non- natives get to be repentent sinners and Christians. We natives just get to be victim of the system. By some priests we are never encouraged to examine our conscience and our actions and to truly repent so our slates can be wiped clean.

    Of course natives like me who refuse to play the victim game are cast off as not really native but people who should be silenced and kicked out of the North. Like all Communist systems nobody ever gets treated like an individual who needs a personal individual relationship with Christ. Fortunately there still are priests who believe that natives are sinners who need a Redeemer, not a sociological excuse.  Gay