Saturday, February 25, 2017

O' Leary:Soros' Puppet

Feb.25, 2017

    In Holland, the country we liberated in WWII from the Naziis, they are murdering handicapt and elderly without the patients’ consent . A woman with dementia had said definitely that she did not want to die. The doctor put a sedative in her coffee without her permission. Even with that FAMILY MEMBERS had to hold her down while the doctor lethally injected her. Now the euthanasia pushers want to make this a legal precedent so they can  murder anyone they want . This makes the Naziis amateurs of the Final Solution.

    This is what Kevin O’ Leary wants for Canada. He says that “we should make peace with our seniors” and what makes them happy is death. Have you noticed how everyone is happy at a funeral especially if the person has been murdered or has committed suicide? No. Neither have I.

    He also says that marriage is a dead issue. Nobody cares if the institution of marriage that is one man , one woman united for life, is gone for ever. No children raised in families, just a pool of random individuals raised by the state. That may be very expensive so maybe there’ll have to cyanide the orange juice to cut costs .  Remember, pro- life according to O’Leary is a dead issue. Thus the survival and existence of future generations is a dead issue.

    O’Leary says it doesn’t matter if someone wants to marry his dog.  Well actually there’s no procreation in the O’Leary world. He loves death. It makes hm happy and he is sure that is what Canada wants.

    O’Leary is playing an actor  role. He is doing it for himself and George Soros. Soros knows that his puppet, Justin Trudeau is no longer of use to him. He is finished.  Soros also knows that his plan for Canada will never happen if a true Conservative is chosen so he has to get an actor to run a campaign to push the Soros agenda. The Soros agenda is chaos. Then control. He creates chaos . Then he takes control for a One World Order where he and a few are on top. Lots of people will be murdered but they are the deplorables who are of no value. Kevin O’Leary is doing a gig for George Soros.  A vote for O’Leary is a vote for George Soros which is a vote for the destruction of Canada.
     One needs to get a Conservative membership immediately .    Then you can vote for a true Conservative who wants the country of Canada to exist. Call 1-866-808- 8407 or google Conservative  immediately. This is your ticket to ensure Multi Billionaire One Worlder George Soros and his actor O’Leary do not destroy the most wonderful country on earth.   Our Canada.       Gay