Monday, February 27, 2017

10 Truths we mustn't say in Canada

Feb.27, 2017

     At present, in Canada under the Liberal Hate Laws there are a whole lot of things that a person can’ say or write .These laws do not target criminal acts but are directed at views and opinions.   Under Stephen  Harper these laws were removed. Mark Stein in MACLEAN’S   Magazine wrote CANADA RETURNS TO THE LAND OF THE FREE  Justin Trudeau and his Pretty Young Things aka Cabinet are returning to Thought Crimes with a vengeance.    It is very difficult to determine actually what can be said or what cannot be said. The general outline is if it is a tenant of Judeao- Christianity or is completely logical  you can’t say it.  The laws are enforced arbitrarily so fear and caution reign. Fortunately Canadians still have a remembrance of freedom and many continue to say and write whatever they want...but don’t expect to be published or be interviewed in any mainstream media.

Here are examples of what you shouldn’t say or write.

1. Islam is a religion of intolerance that preaches hate and murder to those with whom they disagree.

2. Homosexuality is a sin. Therefore one can repent and stop homosexual acts.

3. There are two genders .male and female.  One’s sex  is determined at conception and is never erasable or changeable.    Sexual mutilation and hormone therapy does not change one’s gender.

4. Allowing Islamic terrorists into the country causes Islamic terrorism.

5. A lot of people will lie if the government will give them a lot of money as a reward,
 no questions asked. This includes some natives who didn’t even have to prove that they went to residential school to get $ 200,000 plus.

6. Legalising suicide causes an epidemic of suicides 

7.  A lot of elderly are pushed into death because the government wants to save money and some relative wants to inherit money.

8. Giving people welfare cheques to do nothing helps a lot of people to do nothing.

9. Parents should be allowed to choose the education of their children just like the constitution of Canada says.

10. The Supreme Court should stop telling us what laws we can pass or must pass and Parliament should have the authority to legislate just like it did since 1867.

That’s a starter. Gay Caswell