Monday, February 27, 2017

The Looniest of Loonies

Feb.28, 2017

    Kevin O’Leary, Liberal who has entered the Conservative leadership race on behalf of George Soros, aspiring One World Controller said in Montreal, Quebec that pro- life and marriage are dead issues.
    He will not be taking part in the Edmonton, Alberta debate for fear it is becoming obvious that many Canadians do not agree with him. Kevin grew up in Montreal but is very proud to report he doesn’t speak French and has no intention of learning.  He is really good at avoiding  anything that taxes his brains like logic.

Kevin states that people can do whatever makes them happy. His definition of happy is being killed or having someone kill you. It is not clear why he is so sure that being dead by murder or by your own hand creates a future of happiness.  Perhaps he has the same spiritual source as George Soros. George is really keen on murder ever since he helped the Nazis round up fellow Jews when he was fourteen years old.

    Let’s focus on the alleged death of pro- life and marriage . O’Leary says that he doesn’t care if a person marries his dog.  Well perhaps The Society for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Animals could restrict O’Leary’s passion for diversion. We have noticed that living in a northern community without fancy things like vets that dogs are really keen on procreation and on relations with other dogs of the opposite sex.

  O'Leary wouldn’t stop at bestiality. If the marriage issue is dead then anything goes.: Polygamy ( one husband, many wives), polyandry (one wife, many husbands , random liaisons, and incest of any kind. In every culture there is a univeral taboo against incest. But there are no taboos including rape of children for O’Leary. All that is a dead issue.
So is infanticide, abortion , killing the elderly etc., etc. . Surely even Liberal liberals would not go as far as this deranged hedonist.

    It is said that Hitler wrote everything that he was going to do in MEIN KAMPF but nobody believed him. There really are evil people like George Soros and his son and they really do use silly, dangerous people like Kevin O’ Leary.

    Since O’Leary has no scruples of killing anyone or allowing people to use anyone or anything sexually what about those other niceties like honesty, public responsibility, protecting the citizens of Canada against aggressors inside and outside our borders. Since Justin Trudeau took ten holidays the first year of office maybe O’Leary will take twenty holidays or just not bother to live in Canada at all. The climate is better in Boston.

    At one time people who could not tell right from wrong were considered mentally ill and were considered dangerous to themselves and others. By that definition O’Leary needs a padded cell or an actor’s award for the looniest of loonies.  We could even make it a Canadian only or partly Award out of respect for our beloved loon bird.  But what ever you do don’t hand over our beloved country, Canada  to this mad man.

    If you are 14 years or over you can help protect Canada and stop the killing. Take out  a Conservative Membership . Phone 1-866-808 -8407 for your membership. Do it now.. Time to Cheer for Scheer.  Gay