Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Catamite Industry

April 09, 2017
Holy Week Sunday
Anniversary of Victory at Vimy, France 1917

    In 1978 then Premier Allen Blakeney tabled legislation to include sexual orientation in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. We still have the letter in which the Premier states that due to the public reaction “ he would be very much surprised if the legislation would go ahead at this time.” The socialists had to wait to 1991 to reach the goal of giving the homosexual lifestyle preferential protection.  Many people worked to stop the legislation in 1978 but to the radical homosexuals the credit goes to John and Gay Caswell. They have not forgotten and we have never asked forgiveness.

    Is it about time to rethink the practice that one lifestyle is protected from even reasoned criticism, debate or public objective facts ? HUMANAE VITAE , Pope Paul VI’ encyclical opposes contraception, and sterilisation because, among many reasons, that these things can lead to coercive contraception and sterilisation. Those prophetic words have been proven over and over. Even abortion has become compulsory in many places. We don’t have to cite just Communist China. There are many examples of people pushed into abortion and sterilisation in northern Saskatchewan.
    In 2008 the northern socialists were determined to take away our home and thus drive us out of the North. While we were literally barricading ourselves in our own home a young woman was being pushed into an abortion. At the time I asked “ if they are doing this  what will they do if we leave?” The obvious answer was more of the same.  However abortion is not the only issue.

    We noticed that many people believed that using young boys could not be and should not be  challenged. One could get out of legal difficulties by handing over yourself or another boy to certain lawyers or even judges. Gormley’s book LEFT OUT touches on one example.It has taken us two decades to realise how extensive is the practice of pushing boys into homosexuality for personal gain.
    Planned Parenthood, the international anti- human organisation officially promotes homosexuality as a population control policy.  That has been the policy in many instances in the North. Young boys are pushed into the homosexual lifestyle while marriage and even heterosexuality is discouraged.  It is not just a lifestyle option that people choose. The “political officers” aka shamons aka “ higher- ups “ actively discourage couples from having a relationship while a ring leader rounds up young men for the La Ronge market. Promoting  marijuana addiction is a routine part of the package.

    While some people still believe that the issue is that an honest investigation of the coercive nature of homosexual recruitment will harm someone’s self esteem a growing catamite industry is developing.  Note: a catamite is a boy kept for sexual purposes. A spin -off to that is a boy or man kept at home to increase the prestige of a household  can provide services to those of influence.  Gay