Monday, April 24, 2017

Justice Layh's Attack on Parents and Religion

April 24, 2017

    Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donald Layh in Yorkton, Sask. has made a ruling that “ non- Catholic students may not be funded in Catholic schools in the province as of June 30 th , 2018 .” He said “ provincial government  funding of non- Minority Faith students attending schools is a violation of the state’s duty of religious neutrality” under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    This is false. This is absurd.  Justice Donald Lahy has not read the Constitution nor the Charter of Rights and has given us 200 pages to bamboozle us because of his own biases and prejudices. THERE IS NO STATE DUTY TO RELIGIOUS NEUTRALITY. There is the country’s long standing duty and practice of protecting religious freedom.  The Constitution, that is the British North America Act  and the Charter of Rights clearly state that it is the parent’s right to decide the the education of their children. Got that. IT IS THE PARENT’S RIGHT, not the state’s , not the Minister of Education, not Donald Layh’s right to decide the education of their children.

    Sir  Wilfred Laurier clearly stated that there would be no Confederation unless Catholic Schools were protected.   Quebec would not form a country with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia , and Ontario unless the right to have Catholic as well as protestant schools would be enshrined in the Constitution.  It is the strongest and most long standing statement of religious freedom in the world . At a time of religious persecution in Ireland and elsewhere  the Dominion of Canada was formed with respect for Christian differences within the same country.

    When Sir Wilfred Laurier , now Prime Minister came to the issue of creating the provinces of  Saskatchewan and Alberta , he stated there would be no new provinces unless Catholic schools would be permitted. This is one of the great and most important speeches in the history of the Dominion of Canada.  This statement is the basis of the Saskatchewan Act and the Education Act of 1905. The right of minority faith students in a community to  attend schools of the majority religion is emphasised in that they MAY, not must , have religious education for a half hour of their religion while and in the school.

    If  parents want to send their child or children to a Catholic school while not Catholic they have the complete right to do so by the most overarching law in Canada,  Religious Freedom must exist with the right of choice and choices.

    Here in Brabant Lake the Catholic School is constantly attacked. Students, including adult and children are afraid to read out loud because they know the classrooms are tapped and the Community Enforcer ( Bully) may hear them read God words.

    A six year old and her parents were  told that she can’t read the word God . The little girl was refusing to read the word God because she was told that her parents would be in trouble.  However I insisted that she read all the words . So the spyers heard “ Jim thanked God for Zip.  Jim thanked God for his cake.”

    This is not happening in Red China or North Korea. It is happening in a Catholic ,school in a little village in Saskatchewan.   The person  and his wife run the Northern Lights School, Ospwakun Sepe> They have no jurisdiction in L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord or Our Lady of the North School yet for 21 years they have been harassing us, our parents and students and threatening people, adult or child who’d consider using our educational services . Gideon Cook stated when we arrived in 1996 that  “ religion has no place in education”. That continues to be his position and one assumes the position of Northern Lights School Division . They will do and have done virtually  anything to enforce this.  This is where Donald Lahy’s crowd wants to take us.   Gay