Friday, April 28, 2017

Bernier receives O'Leary's kiss of death.

April 28, 2017
      With Maxime Bernier we have candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party who: 1.- is divorced but had a girl friend with past connections to the Hell’s Angels.
         2.- leaves sensitive NATO documents at his girl friend’s apartment who kindly returned them to the RCMP.
        3.-wants more centralised government in Ottawa but wants less government he says.
    So in the second largest country in the world stretching from the 49th. parallel to the North Pole, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans Bernier wants more centralised government from a city in Ontario. Have you ever noticed that Ottawa- Toronto does not always reflect the views and needs of Nunavet or Saskatchewan or Newfoundland and more?

    4. Bernier is proud of his Libertarian views. That means he thinks people should be allowed to kill themselves or their grandmother, or call any liason a  marriage. As his friend O’Leary says he doesn’t care if you want to marry your dog. Just think at State formal occasions Kebbles will be served.

    5. Bernier is NOT pro- life. He says that he would allow a vote in the House  of Commons. So what? That doesn’t mean he would encourage it, support it or help arrange it. It means that he would still allow votes. Even Justin Trudeau does that long as the debate doesn’t go past two hours.

    6. O’Leary , once the front runner dropped out of the leadership race a month before the vote. He then threw his support behind Bernier. Bernier’s views are O’Leary’s views. O’Leary’s members and finance lists are now Bernier’s.  That means Bernier wants to make the Conservative Party libertarian. The Libertarian philosophy means anything goes except moral absolutes . Libertarianism begins with alleged freedom but leads to chaos which leads to coercion.  George Soros , the multi - trillionaire  Socialist who wants to run a globalist world states that he uses and creates chaos and instability . From there he garners power and control. That is why Soros funds black racism, extreme environmentalism, and more. Soros uses Justin Trudeau to do his bidding. Soros knows that the Trudeau puppet is no longer useful.  He therefor is looking for another Canadian puppet. O’Leary made his Soros views too clear. So who would be the next Canadian Soros darling? The best quess is someone who has the same views as Trudeau- O’Leary . The answer is obvious : Bernier.

    A Bernier or Trudeau choice in 2019 would be no choice at all. Canadians would get Soros or Soros.   As stated Time to cheer for Andrew Scheer.   Gay