Saturday, May 6, 2017

Andrew Scheer FIRST CHOICE!

May,06, 2017
    The Conservative Leadership Ballot is on my desk. I do know that Maxime Bernier will not be marked for any spot including the last choice. I do know that Andrew Scheer will be my first choice and strongly recommend that he will be the Conservatives’ first choice for everybody. Pierre Le Mieux and Brad Trost will be on the list but Campaign Life Coalition will not dictate to me who are the best candidates. It is time to clean house in the pro-life camp not by attacking leadership contenders but by evaluating the pro- life record of Campaign Life Coalition. It is my claim that there are people who have been and are  in the pro- life camp who are there to do the bidding of the Liberal Party of Canada. Let’s check their record and that of Sask Pro- Life Organisation . My comments may tar some innocent and well meaning people with the same brush.  If you’re sincere AND are doing a good job then obviously keep on doing that good job . However.....    Campaign Life Coalition sent out a mailing three weeks AFTER the Oct.19, 2015 election in which the pro- family , pro- life record of the Harper Government was outlined. There were positive  things that I did not know that the Harper Tory government accomplished.  There were somethings that were not on the list. But the fact that it reached me three weeks after the most crucial life and death conflict in the history of Canada shows that Campaign Life Coalition did not really want the Harper government to survive and consequently did want the murderous Liberals to win.

    Yes, strong words but strong words are appropriate  for strong evidence.
          Before the election and a few months after I went to Harper’s constituency office to tell them that some people are working at sending me to jail because of what I write the Harper government repealed the Hate Laws. MacLean’s Magazine had a banner headline CANADA RETURNS TO THE STRONG AND FREE.  Campaign Life Coalition put in their news letter a small article Human Rights Roll Back. What do you say of people who call getting rid of Wrong Thought Laws that violate freedom of conscience, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and more a Human Rights Roll Back? The obvious conclusion is that they are Liberal Party Toadies.

    I went to a Sask Pro- Life Conference  after Justin Trudeau declared that prolifers are kicked out of the Liberal Party. There was the usual complaining about Harper but NOT ONE WORD about what Trudeau had done.  Why? This was an outrageous blatant attack on political freedom but the silence was deafening.  Why? Why is there never criticism of the Liberal Party a SPLA meetings? In the Euthanasia short term debate one Liberal voted against it, a native from the North.  We were all suppose to congratulate him by e- mail. Great stuff but what about the 75 out of  99 Tories who voted against it? If one Liberal still has a conscience we're suppose to make him a hero, yet Tories never get to be heroes or even be thanked.  They’re suppose to be perfect or resign? That’s expected of them?
     Some Pro- lifers see themselves as pure , good and totally committed if they insist that their politicians, not they,  are pure, good and totally committed .   A politician’s job is keep out the bad guys so the good or better guys can win and do some good.  Sainthood is an asset but not always available.

    Andrew Scheer can win.  He can win the leadership and can win an election against the death peddler Liberals.   He is a politician that has proven respect among other politicians.
He is an aggressive and hard working campaigner. He reaches out to potential pro- life, pro-family voters.  He is not a cynic but has met reality. Now would the pro- lifers who can do more than be arm chair quarterbacks please help the fight and back a winner: Andrew Scheer.
First Choice          Gay.