Thursday, May 11, 2017

State Murder, one year later.

May 11, 2017
Happy Birthday Rosa

    Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide a year ago were made legal by after a few hours over a few days of perfunctory discussion . Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Group Thinks pushed the worst possible law into existence by Closure. Thus the first official death was Parliamentary Debate. There had been lots of  illegal  murders in hospital wards before then.  Now we have the absurdity continued of Legalised Murder brought to you by the Son of the man who brought us Legalised Murder of the Unborn.
    Canadians are now in the process of adaptation as they realise how very convenient killing is. First of all the rationale is people need it because of “ Unbearable pain” There is no such thing as unbearable pain. If you’re in pain and still alive then you bore the pain. If your condition is such that it leads to death then you don’t need anyone including yourself to kill you. The physical pain ends with death.  If it is brought about without murder then many people are saved from  judgement pain.... the kind that is administered in purgatory and hell, the kind that exists whether or not you believe in it.

     When I was dying I said to my husband “ Mom and Judy said that I can come home now.”  John went into the bathroom and prayed that God would not let me die.  I was not aware of this until after the event . I do recall as I was dying that all pain left me. The pain returned as I took up again the process of living on earth. I knew that I was alive about three days later because once again I was aware of pain . Many times to many people pain has become the good news.

     Now that the law has been passed the advocates are more truthful . The Canadian Medical Association who initially opposed euthanasia has assessed the cost saved of pushing people into death before their time, that is killing them early. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We waste more medical care resources than many other countries have to use. We could save money by allowing privatisation and private insurance. We could stop the billions of dollars wasted on paper work . We could stop the terrible invasion of privacy of collecting information decade after decade, generation after generation of people who are not the state’s property but belong to themselves.

    We are killing Granny so state apparati can collect and store information on Her Majesty’s subjects. This is Statism, Communism or Totalitarianism . Take your pick of names
but it is not Freedom, Dignity of the Person or Christian.

    There is no moderation or middle ground in Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide. There is no “ it may be open to abuse” or “ we need to tighten up the loopholes and add  safeguards.” 
From beginning to end IT IS ABUSE. It is muder. Slap on the Notwithstanding Claus and move on.  It is time to dismantle Medicare so we can have once again medical care. Gay