Friday, May 12, 2017

The Minister's Power Grab

May 12, 2 017

    So Bill 63 has become law and thus an incredible grab for the minds and souls of Saskatchewan children has been put in place. The law can be very benign, at least for a while,   or it can become an instrument for repression and persecution leading to an Ontario  horror where little children are used for psychological sexual abuse . Kindergarten children are told that they can decide their gender of six possible options. Parents do not have the right  to have their children  excused from these classes.  It is claimed in law and in a court decision that the state has a compelling interest in usurping parental rights and duties.  It is very nice that Premier Wall has promised to use the Notwithstanding Claus against the judgement that states non- Catholic children cannot go to Catholic Schools. But with Bill 63 in place there may end up with no difference between Catholic , Public, Independent and Home Based Education. Knowing the not- so - honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Education, Justice and Deputy Premier that may well be the intention and goal
of the plan when the Provincial government decided that all school properties belong to the province, not the school boards and communities that paid for them.

    Independent and home based education were exempt from the first grab but now they too are under the thumb of the Minister’s office who can decide what text book will be used in all and any school.

    In our experience Don Morgan has had a habit of invading  homes.  When we lived in Saskatoon our house was continually tapped . We suspected that was the case but did not know what to do about it. La Ronge Housing authority also tapped our house here and smugly admitted it at a Conference Hearing.  We didn’t know what to do about that either.  When John and I were unsuccessfully campaigning for the nomination in Eastview and spending time across town  Don Morgan and his friends came “to visit” our children, the eldest being a fourteen year old boy.

    I wrote and informed Premier Wall about this twice . I did not expect a reply but I did expect  him to do something about it. Instead we have seen Don Morgan become the most powerful person in government. He has used his position to continually harass our school and mission through various bureaucratic means. He told governmental staff in various departments not to communicate with us by letter or phone.

    The passing of Bill 63 has told me it is time to break silence.    The Act is  potentially  dangerous . We need to make it very clear that we understand that the British North America Act and the Charter of Rights , our constitution clearly give the parents the right to choose the education of their children. The first step is Don Morgan must go. The war for parental rights continues.   Gay