Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Trudeau, not the Pope, needs to apologise

May 30, 2017
Ste. Joan of Arc Day
     Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told the Pope he should apologise to the Indians.
QUAUI  !!!  ( What ! )

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should apologise to all Canadians for taking political direction from Socialist- Globalist George Soros instead of from the people of Canada . He should ld apologise for deliberately trying to stir up racial strife as commanded by Soros

    Trudeau should apologise to the Canadians who are Indians for working at promoting racial apartheid by encouraging a separate blocked area denying them the rights of all Canadians to create their own individual destiny regardless of their ethnic background.

    He should apologise to Canadian Indians for legalising Assisted Suicide when they categorically said No to this outrage, when the news  showed that their youth were particularly vulnerable , when the very discussion of the such a law caused an epidemic of suicides in many native communities.

    He should apologise to Canadian Indians for facilitating the murder of their elders and their handicapt  by legalising euthanasia.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for pushing abortion , often against the knowledge or consent of the mothers, through the Department of Indian Affairs Health.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians by pushing contraception and sterilisation often without the knowledge and consent of the patient and often without parental consent in the case of minors.  He should apologise for Indian Affairs Health pushing and using  deporovera for decades on natives when it was not approved until a few years ago by the Department of Health for Canada.

    Likewise he should apologise to Indian Canadians for allowing surgery for sexual mutilation , known as “ sex changes” at least 50 years before it became a common atrocity. Native boys were used to “perfect “ the medical technique without letting the public know what was being done.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for only listening to a handful of well paid Liberal Indian politicos instead of listening to all Indian Canadians who vary in views as much as any other group of Canadians.

    He should apologise to Indian Canadians for promoting the use and legalisation of marijuana when many native communities are greatly harmed by drugs including and especially marijuana.  He also should apologise for his well known use of pot which is a terrible example to others.

    Above all he should apologise to Indian Canadians many of whom are devout Catholics for lecturing to the Pope instead of letting the Pope speak to him, particularly  about the international genocide of the unborn that all Canadians are forced to fund.  He should in fact apologise to All Canadians for these evils. Then resign.  Now.        Gay