Saturday, June 17, 2017

The People Haters

June 17, 2017

    An employee of Prince Albert National Park was describing to me how they are digging up the plants that are not native to to the area and replanting those that were. For this the taxpayer is paying government employees  high wages . Why? For what?
 How does one determine what is native to an area? What was around at 2.4 billion years? Or what was around at 6000 B.C ? Why?  How do you know what is native to an area? Are you sure that Henry Kelsey didn’t have a creeping charlie plant stuck to the bottom of his moccasin ? This certainly is labour intensive , provides plenty of supervisors, researchers, consultants , government union bosses, labourers to dig up and to replant. But who is this serving other than the park employees? Is it making the park more accessible, more attractive and more people friendly? We can all agree swings, sand boxes, garbage cans  and picnic tables are not native to the area. Shall we get rid of those as well? The next and obvious step is to ban people including park employees.  We dedicate the place to the spirit of the spruce and pine , the rocks and primordial soup and bar the gate. One more place is free from evil incarnate, that is people.

    Maybe it is time to revisit that alleged myth of Genesis, Chapter One. It tells who made the world: God and to whom it was made. People . It tells that that these people were made in the image and likeness of God. It states, that people shall have dominion over God’s creation and even their job: Gardeners.  It sounds like people were very much part of the plan from the beginning . If people are the intruder , the invader and the enemy then why should any human tax payer money go to preserving where people are not welcome.  Must we continually give tribute and offering to the pagan gods of death, extinction and chaos.? Some of us have chosen another God.
    A few weeks ago it was suggested to us that we should plant only those things native to the area. ????!!! We should now spend the next twenty years returning our gardens to the bush from whence it came.! No thanks.  This same person said that natives should live the way  they did before the technology and the white man came. Life expectancy of 33years,? infant mortality of 72 %? constant wars,hexes, curses , black magic, fear and hatred rule?

    It is interesting that this mythical anthropology of reverting to the alleged good old days is to be lived by others who happen to be called Indians and not the person who happens to be called a white man.  It reminds me of the people in Toronto who think CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC should ban vehicle ads . After all there is public transportation in their life and as for those places who can’t survive without cars and trucks  there is always a travois of two sticks pulled by a dog. Or is that abusing an animal ?

    To these environmental naziis there is no solution that doesn’t end up with the extinction of humans, that is other humans , not them. Gay