Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Anderson Butts and Hussien and other Women Haters

June 21, 2017

    What would happen in your northern community if a man beat his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour leaving a bloody hockey stick and a hospitalised woman? A good guess  is that neighbours and family would quickly interevene, and phone the cops. He’d be carted  away to a jail cell where he would wait for trial and sentencing. On a slack day he would get two years plus a day, that is the Penn.

     What would happen if he was a Syrian refugee called Mohamed Rafia.?We now know what would happen because this really happened. He got ten days in jail . He said that he didn’t know beating your wife was illegal in Canada.   Apparently a Mr. Bruce Anderson , pollster for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t know it is illegal either. However Anderson thinks that MP Kellie Leitch should be kicked out of Conservative Caucus for informing people of the incident on Twitter. . That’s right . Dr. Leitch should hide her outrage and never, ever mention the incident. It is not politically correct to mention atrocities done to women if the assailant is a Muslim male.  Joining Anderson is Gerry Butts, Liberal advisor to the PM.

    And the Liberal government headed by Trudeau Junior? Apparently he had a cannabis hang over and didn’t feel like showing up at work in the House of Commons. His Immigrant Minister called Ahmed Hussein thought the beating was deplorable.  The Honourable Hussein however thought people, especially women, mentioning it as equally deplorable.
Get that. In the Liberal ethic a beating is unfortunate but exposing the incident is equally deplorable.  Censorship rules. Cover up rules and honest journalism must be squashed . A woman politician doing her job must be silenced.

     The Honourable Ahmed Hussein should immediately resign. He does not understand Canadian values, Freedom of the Press, Democracy and equality under the law. Butts and Anderson can go with him.   Gay