Friday, June 23, 2017

Don't fix what isn't broken.

June 23,2017
    How did “ electoral reform” become an issue that Canadians and even Conservatives supposedly want? The first months of the Justin Trudeau government was even worse than expected. Then Justin attempted to enact a plan to change how we vote. Even the CBC were opposed to it. After spending a million or so of sending out silly post cards et c the plan was dropped. Justin said that he would do it another term.. For the first time I was happy about news from Ottawa.  We now knew that Trudeau could be pushed. Since it is unlikely that Trudeau would get a second term I knew that a terrible idea had been shelved permanently... I thought.  

    Then the financial Chairman of the Tories began to write about it as if we had been denied something. . I wrote to him explaining it is a terrible idea. To date he hasn’t answered my letter.  I thought maybe it is because I don’t have a M5W postal code.  Senator Dave Tkatchuk told me that you really aren’t IN  unless you come from Toronto and have an M5 W.    I live where we don’t even have a postal code. We have to use the one for La Ronge, which is 185 km. away.
    Trudeau never has any new ideas.  He just does what multi- billionaire George Soros tell  s him to do.  Saves time.  George Soros manipulates the electoral process all over the world. He owned a third of the polling station hard ware in the United States. It was proven that these can easily be altered to change the vote.  When Colorado had an inexplicable black out at the polling station, the Democrats demanded three more hours of polling time.  When we have black outs at the polling station the Liberals stack the ballors and brag about it later at coffee shops. The pro- Marijuana referendum passed in Colorado.   I believe that there is a firm connection between that and the polling station black out.  George Soros wants legalised marijuana all over the world. Trudeau pushes it . Trudeau uses it.  And the George Soros agenda goes marching on.

    After Trump’s land side victory the cry to get rid of the Electoral College intensified by the Democrats. Trump won in 49 states . The 50th state is California. The Democrats won there . California has a population as large as the whole of Canada. If there were no Electoral College the United States would have politics as terrible as those in the Culture- of - Death California.

     In the U.S.there has been talk of a Constitutional Convention , a Con Con as it is known. Thinking conservatives view this as a terrible idea. Once th Constitution is opened up anything is on the table.  A greatly altered and perhaps destroyed United States could be the result. The conservatives who wanted a Balanced Budget amendment in the Constitution could end up with a Democratic Wish List.
    When Pierre Trudeau, daddy of Justin, started altering the Constitution by ostensibly bringing it home he turned our country from being ruled by Parliament to being ruled by nine men. We need to restore the parliamentary system to the pre- 1982 Canada. We don’t need any electoral reform to do that.  We can start by using the Notwithstanding Clause to get rid of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.
    Canadian football has different rules than American football. To win the Grey Cup you don’t work to change the rules. You know the game and work harder and smarter than the other teams. Then you win

     We can’t afford time and  money fixing what isn’t broken.  Gay.