Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comme Pere comme Fils (Like Father like Son)

July 05, 2017

    In World War II ( 1939 - 1945 )  Canadians had to face divisions within the country. The political correct , although false line is the French Canadians did not want to fight but the English Canadians wanted to fight.  In actuality it was not about French / English division but a pro- Nazii/ anti - Nazii division.  A Canadian Nazi called Arcand organised support throughout Canada . He gained considerable strength in his home province which was Quebec. Stalin of the Soviet Union was not at first an Ally to Britain- Canada- United States. He had made a treaty with Hitler.  Both Naziism and Communism are totalitarian movements that believe the State is over the people so it is very consistent that Nazii supporters became  Communists or Fellow Travellers.

    One such person was the son of a wealthy influential family living in the prestigious  Westmount suburb of Montreal. His name was Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He had plenty of money and connections so could devote himself to publish an anti- Ally , Totalitarian magazine CITE LIBRE.  He flaunted his views  by roaring around Montreal on his motorcycle  wearing a Nazii war helmet.

     After the war Trudeau established globalist connections with the Club of Rome et c.. His communist sympathies were well known.  He was barred from entering the United States but he was friends with Fidel Castro and other leading Communists on both sides of the Iron Curtain.  One such connection was a Communist identified by released papers from Britain’ secret service, by the Soviet defector  Gouzenko,and by released East German papers. His name was Lester Bowles Pearson ( Mike). He became the Prime Minister of Canada under the Liberal banner. He invited into his cabinet a man who held no seat in the House of Commons, a very unusual move in Canadian politics. Thus Pierre Trudeau became Minister of Justice. The Gouzenko papers and the files on himself quickly disappeared. From Minister of Justice with the full backing of Pearson ,Trudeau became Prime Minister. Only then was he allowed into the United States.

    Pierre Trudeau turned the Liberal Party of Canada into a party with far left views. As Prime Minister he could make those views became law. His son, Justin Trudeau  with the full support of George Soros globalist totalitarian became Prime Minister in October 19, 2015. In two years Canada went from a balanced budget to a 120 billion deficit.

    Justin pulled our FI8 jets from Europe and became the best friend ISIS and International Terrorism ever had. His type of hero is a murderer of a U.S. Medic.  A Medic is not a combatant but a person who drags people from a war zone and works to save lives.

    Canada was at war in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban , a Muslim Terrorist group..
Justin has declared the good guys are not the Canadian soldiers who were fighting for human rights and freedom but the Taliban . He without appoval from Parliament , wants to give the son of a Taliban soldier 10.5 million. Why?.... because the Trudeau’s always support the Toralitarians.

    Governor General David Johnston, would you please dissolve Parliament and call an election ?.  Our country is being run by an Unbalanced Pot Head who hates Canada.
 Mrs. Gay Caswell