Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Khadr vs. Real Human Rights Issues

July 11,2017
Happy Birthday, No.1 Son
Who wore a Canadian soldier uniform at 15yrs and for many years later

     Over two years ago in April at Weyburn, Sask we heard Ms. Linda Gibson tell of treatment of women in Vanier Women’s Correction Centre in Milton, Ontario . Linda has spent a lot of time in jail because she has an incorrigible habit of talking to girls and women outside an abortion mill in Toronto.  She prefers to stay in the entry part of the jail so she and her co- conspirators can talk to the convicted who may be pregnant.

    Linda told of an inmate who refuged to have an abortion. The prison official insisted that she would have an abortion. The woman refused so she was put in solitary confinement. There she had a very limited diet, well below the requirements of a pregnant woman. The mother stuck with it and allowed herself to gohungry rather than have her baby be killed. The jail could not force her to abort the baby, but the jail could harm the baby. Due to the restricted diet the baby was born prematurely . Linda made sure the baby was put into the hands of the father rather than go to a foster home while the mother finished serving her term.

    Linda told this story to a packed crowd in Saskatchewan. She was on a speaking tour that began in Ontario. The media were there. To our knowledge no media outlet anywhere picked up the story. I do not recall the pro- life papers or any Catholic media picking up the story. Let’s review. In a Canadian women’s jail named after our saintly Governor General women are pushed into abortion. For refusal they are put on a substandard diet in solitary.
Sometimes the baby would die by the decision of staff or would be born prematurely.  Meanwhile women and men like Linda Gibbons would go to jail for talking to people who need alternate information immediately.

    This outrage of human rights go unnoticed .in  Canada , who loves “ human rights.” if and when it’s an IN issue.

     An example of an In issue is a convicted terrorist .murderer , traitor and spy is a man who has been in a military camp serving a ten year sentende in an American prison of war camp. He looks so sweet especially if you see a Canadian school picture taken before he became a trained Taliban terrorist.  His name is Omar Khadr.  While the Canadians and the Americans were fighting Against the Terrorist Taliban , Omar, his father, and  his brother were trained soldiers FOR the Taliban.  Khadr now an adult of 26 years who has received international publicity, prestige, legal protection , funds, and advice from Canada , the United States , Obama, Clinton, Clinton, Trudeau and Canada admitted as late as 2004 that he threw a grenade, which killed a U.S. soldier, attended an al Qaida training camp in Kabul and worked as a translator for al Qaida, to coordinate land mine missions. In addition he is accused of helping to plant the landmines between Khost and Ghardez,and having visited an air force near Khost to collect information on U.S. convoy movements . He already had admitted to more than this.
    One has to get to page 20 of Wikipeidia to discover the U.S. soldier was Christopher Speers a medic , in other words a non combattant whose duty was to go beyond enemy lines to help the wounded and the dead of either side.

        Benedict Arnold is the perfect American bad guy. He was a spy for the British and he was shot. To the British and Canadians he was just a loyal soldier who was doing his duty for God and King, King George III that is. Not surprisingly the American shot our man.
According to the Clinton, Trudeau et al mind set , Benedict Arnold should have been made an international hero , repatriated to Canada, given 10,2 million dollars and given “another chance” “to prove himself” without of course ever mentioning a chance , for what? To prove what?

    Could we please clean up the human rights violations at Vanier Women’s Jail and accept the fact Canadian’s war enemies should be treated as terrorist enemies of our country and our allies. After all Gitmo is not a Japanese WWII death camp.