Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Family Compact :Northern Style

Aug.01, 2017

    When John Caswell was mayor of Brabant Lake he was fired from his job at the Water Treatment Plant by Administrator Val Antoniuk. The obstensible reason was it was a Conflict of Interest.  He was also denied the right to run for mayor in the  election and was locked out of the hall. The real reason of course was because he kept speaking out against drugs in and out of the meetings.  He had taken the course for upgraded certification asthe Water Treatment Operator and had paid for the expenses himself. He passed with an 80% average.  He was therefore fired because he didn’t owe his job to anyone.

    Before the last municipal election we received urgent phone calls that Gideon Cook, was running uncontested for mayor. We knew that as the Liberal - NDP Political Officer - Shamon- Controller that the plan was to kick us out and take away our property. We said to our allies “ Let him do it. Then when he has the position we can more easily expose him . The other counsellors elected unanimously are Carol Cook , daughter of Gideon and Joyce McLeod who couldn’t get to the last meeting because it was changed while she was at the lake.
        The first thing Gideon Cook, and his wife did  was make it known that he is THE
 “ Church” in Brabant Lake and “ the People” want Caswell’s out. Fr. Dumong heartily went along  for us to be forced out.  He has since changed his tune due to public pressure.

    Meanwhile Gideon Cook continued to tap our school and home and bullies  parents to pull their child or children as he has done for twenty- one years. That outrageous judgement that non- Catholics can’t go to Catholic Schools was no accident.  They had been working on it for years and Gideon Cook was the man on the job locally. The Premier, we understand has used the Notwithstanding Clause to reverse this decision.

    Darren Cook, Gideon’s son was enrolled at NORTEP to be a teacher  although that fell through. Then he began a career with the mounties.(police).  While obviously high on marijuana, Darren came to our house to ask John for a recommendation. Fortunately for the credibility of the mounties ,that fell through.  Now , we see that Solomon Hardlotte no longer picks up the garbage. Darren Cook has been given the job as well as the maintenance man, for the entire town. Thus the only tax funded jobs , full or part time are under the control of one family, The Gideon and Shirley Cook family, a position held by Gideon’s mother, the late Jean McKenzie,a publicly known shamon. Ms. Antoniuk , town administrator does not think it is a Conflict of Interest that one family has all the municipal and provincial tax funded jobs.