Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Save the son of CANADARM's inventor


    We noticed in the fanciest packages of stamps celebrating the Dominion of Canada’s 150 th anniversary is one commemorating the construction of the CANADARM of 1981. Eric Wallace White Jr. of Girvin, Saskatchewan was a main inventor as well as the head of the Canadian Space Agency engineering that constructed CANADARM II. He was an international authority on communications and helped win an Emmy Award for Canada in communications. However it is time to focus on his son, Samuel Raymond White who in my brother’s Eric’s will was left as our responsibility. We went to Montreal three times and wrote numerous letters in French and English to pursue our responsibility. However The Curator of Public Trust of Quebec confiscated Sam, his and our inheritance and has made him a captive of a death obsessed government.

    Sam is fully bilingual, has two years of university , was a soccer star as a child and a hockey star in his Nova Scotia residential school when his team won the championship for their league. He had encountered some difficulty of stress . Charles de Moyen Hospital discovered a gold mine. The mental health establishment slapped on the title of schizophrenic and proceeded to rob him of his future, his father’s legacy and plans for him. The Curator and her minions  liquidated his assets, kept him drugged and under surveillance and moved him to an apartment in another city.
    This athlete and brilliant student was reduced to a sedentary life , given cigarette and grocery money and us left to disintegrate mentally and physically while the Curator confiscated all of Eric’s money which was considerable. Eric left it for us so we could build our mission centre in northern Saskatchewan and of course to help Sam as much or as little as he needs.
    A glamourous judge explained to us “ You are not being treated any differently than any other Quebec family.”  I replied “ I know. So let’s free Quebec.” That may have not been diplomatic but diplomacy is useless when you are dealing with fascism.  When we got home we discovered that the decision to make Sam a ward of the State was made long before we went to court in Longueuil, Quebec.

    We do not know what happened to Eric’s research papers that he had at home, the copy of the will, and Sam’s and his father’s other personal belongings.  We hired a  Quebec lawyer who betrayed us at every turn. His name is Samuels.He has a prestigious office in Ville Marie area  The judge and Curator never kept their word about anything and did not follow their own rules about anything.

    Long before euthanasia came into effect we were told that a government committee would determine if Sam would die in case of a medical crisis. They have been working on creating those medical crises for years.  Sam has been in danger of Quebec’s death and stealing campaign since his father died in 2004. His mother died when he was two years old. Forget about bragging about CANADARM for awhile and give the Engineer’s son a life without fear. Restore him to his appointed family. His Aunt Gay