Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Residetial school funds go directly to National Indian Brotherhood


     Yesterday I learned that my on going criticism of the Residential School School Scam was understated, naive and incomplete.
Fact: As stated by many people, there was no usual due process procedures used. If people could come up with a good story they got money. If people didn’t come up with a good story, they could use some one else’s story. If they didn’t have a good story or borrow one they got money just by stating that they attended. Sometimes and often they never attended at all. Two examples are: A woman was in the Tuberculosis Sanitorium as a child for two years. Her sister- in- law put a claim in for her that she attended residential school for that period or longer. It was readily accepted ,no questions asked.  A man got $250,000 for attending residential school. At the time claimed he attended the Northern Lights Day School , Ospwakun Sepe in Brabant Lake. A quick look at the School registrar established that.

i    On Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation a chief stated:” You don’t have to have been abused to get money. If you experienced compulsory religious services you can get money. Now I don’t know of any residential school that does not have mandatory religious services, including Eton Public School, Great Britain, Ravenscroft, Notre Dame of Wilcox et c.  Children attend school because their parents gave persmission. They fully understand that there are mandatory religious services and would be shocked if they became voluntary.

    After the initial huge pay outs there was an extension. No reason given. As stated by a Northern mayor just about all these were fraud. Now we know that one didn’t have to really exist. There are millions of unclained funds that never had a person attached, a file, a registered treaty number or anything. There were millions that were released from the Federal Government that went directly to the National Indian Brotherhood.  These funds were not only unclaimed, these people may not have existed now, nor have ever  existed.

     These funds are held in The National Indian Brotherhood Trust Funds whose headquarters are in Akwesasane, Ontario. The chairman is Mr. Keith Martel . The reserve is famous for AKWESASNE NOTES , a Red Power Propaganda newspaper, no longer printed.

    The National Indian Brotherhood is under the Assembly of First Nations headed by Mr. Perry Bellegarde. All people holding a treaty card get “free” education from Primary to , Post Secondary Education including a living allowance. They already have a financially secure education if they so desire and if they meet the standards of the Institution.  There is no need for such a trust fund and for one built on the fraud that thousands of children were forced to attend residential school where they were abused.

    It is time the residential school scam becomes reconciled with the Truth . There needs to be a thorough criminal investigation which includes lawyer Tony Merchant and his off shore bank accounts to Perry Bellegarde et al.    Gay