Friday, January 18, 2019

God was the first Trapper!

January ,Fri 18, 2019
40 degrees below,   school as usual in Brabant Lake , Saskatchewan
March for Life in Washington, D.C.

     God told Adam and Eve that they were to have dominion over His creation. That meant that they were to have good stewardship over the world but clearly that the world was made for them.   When Adam and Ever rebelled and were ashamed of their sinfulness they made clothes of fig leaves. God improved on this by killing and covering them with skins.  Ergo God was the first Trapper. He made it clear that man could use animals for their protection.
He did not use faux fur, faux hide or faux leather.

     There is a difference between a parka trimmed with real wolf or fake fur. One will not freeze and will protect your face from severe frost bite. The other is synthetic that is plastic. In the Great Depression of the 1930's northerners could make a very good living by trapping. Movie stars didn’t go around spray painting baby seals and thus killing them because their mothers abandoned them . They wore fur coats no matter where they lived.  Thus every body especially in Canada happily wore fur trim and  fur coats.  They wore fur coats as a status symbol and to keep warm.  Trappers made a living by hard and skillful work just as miners, farmers and oil riggers did and do.

    Cows are not endangered because there is a demand for their meat, milk and hides. Martens, fishers, minks, lynx, beavers, muskrats may become endangered because of an elite’s  distorted views.  If there is no market for the products of these animals why bother keeping vast areas for their homes? They could become only of interest for photographers and zoo keepers.

    Wolves have become a sentimental item. No one is supposed to actually kill them for fur or for protection of people’s meat supply . The fairy tales seem to have a more realistic idea of wolves than the citified “ sensitive” crowd.  How would this group feel if a wolf or three or four would stroll down their street? Or kill their pet dog a hundred feet from their door?

    SERM ( Saskatchewan Environmental Resource Management) seems to think that they are to have policies that fly with the Toronto Coffee House crowd.  Wolves.Good. Hunters, especially Hunting -for- Feeding- a- family Hunters. Bad.  Moose ? Optional.  As long as no one actually hunts them. Just put their picture on souvenirs.   

    Of course it could be that SERM staff are just lazy. Tracking down hunters who use truck high beams and flood lights is night work and we’re out of here at 4: 45 pm. Answering the phone and returning calls ? Forget it. Unless it’s fire season.

    One thing that is not faux ( false) is the cold.  But the same elite have been telling  us that there is actually global warming.  If they want to live in fantasies, fine. But why do we have to pay for their confusion?     Gay