Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CTV:Lawlessness in the North

February 15,2011
    CTV is going to have a feature “lawlessness in the North.” we heard that it was going to be on last night. Now it is very indefinite when it is going to be on at all. We strongly encourage people to insist that the programme is shown. There is lawlessness in the North because of stupid political decisions which constantly encourage cover-ups. We may miss the programme but we’ve been living with it for sixteen years. If you don’t like exposes without solutions, here are some remedies”
    1.Tell Northerners that they have been lied to. It never was illegal to discipline children. The National Post recently had an article that showed children who are NOT spanked are more likely to engage in violent behaviours. Parents have to raise children. The day care, the preschool, the crowd , the youth centre isn’t going to do it. Parents have to take back this job and keep at it until the children have families of their own.
    2.Quit the attack on Christianity. Christianity encourages respect for authority, respect for the law and kindness . There is no kindness in paganism. That is the religion of cruelty. Former British  Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife are inboled in religious exercises in which they face the four corners of the globe and offer up prayers, prayers for things like depopulations. Now no one can convince anyone Tony Blair and his wife are first nations people practising their traditional religion... unless you throw in Stonehenge human sacrifice. Native people have been sold a bunch of hooey that they are compelled to go back to their native spirituality. This is just a bait and switch game to get natives involved in New Age demonic religion.  Only Christianity encourages compassion. No other religion does that. Eastern mysticism denies suffering. Paganism promotes suffering imposed on others. Only Christianity promotes “ be ye kind one to another.”
    3. Stop drugs. Drugs are at the bottom of virtually all violent crimes in the North. Drugs destroy education, family life, efficiency on the job assuming people can get out of the haze long enough to get to work. Drugs destroy the health of the user and the health of those around the user.
    4. Stop the practice of there are those who are above the law. For years people in authority have violated human rights of others. The constitution states that a Canadian can live anywhere he wants in Canada. So why have we got people like Vaughn Skogstad telling people that they can’t live in their community, in their home. We’ve heard him say that we don’t want this person or that person in the North. He is breaking the basic laws of Canada as he is when he tells people that they will lose their house if they go to the Catholic School.  Yet he still isn’t dismissed. Now that is lawlessness.
       5. Quit attacking the messenger. Nobody in the North believes that I have misrepresented lawless  civil servants. The South wants to believe that everything is fine in the North and that they only have to listen to a handful of people like they always have/ They have to protect these people such as I can’t have a trial because I made serious allegations against the ruling elite.  Why is this programme about lawlessness in the North stalled? Who is behind this lobby to cover up the truth?
    6. Have real trials with real punishment. We’ve watched someone who owes somebody $30 being  treated the same wasy as someone who stole five snowmobiles. Crime is just a game .
    7. Have real schools with real standards. If people don’t know what that means why attack schools and teachers who do/?
    Phone CTV and insist that the programme of the “ Wild North” will be aired. Gay