Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Gormley and corollary issues

February 22,2011
    I met a Catholic monk who was in America to study English and theology. He had a big smile, the kind eyes of those who have suffered and have not grown bitter. He said he is one of fourteen children. His parents were killed in ‘75.  He is Vietnamese.
    “In ‘75" needed no explanation. That is when the Vietnam war was over by the Americans, with strong encouragement from the Canadians, withdrew from Viet Nam. The Communist North flooded the South with retaliation, brutality and murder. Catholics were especially targetted for destruction, many were slaughtered, their Church property destroyed and confiscated, their priests murdered or imprisoned.
    My husband picked up a copy of John Gormley’s book, Left Out.  This book explains the NDP including its socialist/communist roots. The Saskatchewan Education Department states that high school students for history requirements must study The Regina Manifesto1933. This book then should be on the resource or  text book list of every Saskatchewan high school. Until that happens get your own copy.
    Toronto Aeroport fittingly named Lester B. Pearson: After the Berlin Wall fell papers were released or confiscated from East Germany which stated that Pearson was a Communist insider while head of the Liberal Party and government of Canada. This is what Igor Gouzenko, a clerk in the Soviet Embassy who defected to Canada already had stated in the  1950's. By the way the McCarthy era did not begin with McCarthy. It began with the revelations of a Canadian- by- choice Gouzenko.   In a 2 hour wait we walked/ran/ hustled for 2 hours. John finally could buy $30 of food. We did not have time for one little sip of tea or any of the food. Isn’t there something seriously wrong with a terminal outlay in which one cannot drink one cup of tea let alone eat in two hours? The luggage carousel is illuminated with cursive letters which to my knowledge and burned eyes spell nothing. There are about 8 check- point Charlies in which we showed our passports and our boarding passes. What is the point/ What possible security purpose is maintained by the same group of people in an enclosed large barn constantly showing the same papers? It does serve the purpose in that by the time you get to interrogation 8 you look as surly and desperate as your passport picture. All this for Canadians to travel from one Canadian city to another Canadian city? What is happening?
    Gormley is a good start. He doesn’t tell of the brutality and violence to which Saskatchewan NDPers will resort. He has never experienced northern Saskatchewan but he does understand that NDPers think that they can destroy their opponents not debate them.There is a connection between fourteen Vietnamese children with murdered parents, a Canadian aeroport that shows the increasing inhumanity of Canadian officialdom and the Saskatchewan political virus. A socialist is a communist is a socialist.
     Allen Blakeney, former Premier of Saskatchewan  was Vice President of the 2nd Socialist International. The Socialist International II was founded by Frederich Engels. Oh, Gormley, the Waffle did not disband. It was given northern Saskatchewan to run to destruction. Gay