Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fraud of the Fraud Scandal

February 25,2011
    I haven’t finished Gormley’s book. While waiting for a cataract operation marked URGENT in the home of governmentcare I have to read slowly and carefully if at all.
However there seems no end in sight concerning Gormley’s unfair treatment of Grant Devine, his government and the MLA’s at the time.
    Gormley calls the Devine government “an embarassing footnote in history.” Strange. Gormley is at his best when he comes to solutions when he echoes the themes of Grant Devine.: The necessity of wanting to be A HAVE province, of aspiring for excellence, the damage of perpetually claiming victim status as a province, a people and an individual. Devine defined the problem as whiners vs. builders, the envious vs doers, the fearful vs. possibility thinkers.
    Devine had an energy and enthusiasm that was contagious. He changed people’s thinking of how they saw themselves and their province. This is why he is especially hated. Union leaders, socialists, and government interference professionals are parasites to people’s fear, envy and paralysis.
    Gormley mentions the Devine “ fraud scandal.” When did a series of individual alleged wrong- doing become a collective Scandal as opposed to alleged scandals, alleged misuse of funds, alleged violating archaic regulations.
    I was there. I am here. I never left the province. Fleeing is for the rich and/ or uncommited. To this day I have no idea what is this so called Fraud Scandal
    Was there a caucus meeting that I missed in which is was decided : Gerald Muirhead should use communication funds to advertise to farmers and ranchers by having a named saddle in a local fair.
    MLA’s should buy computers even though the regulations state typewriters.
    People can ignore rules about buggy whips.
    Bob Andrews should not use money to promote Saskatchewan.
    Holding companies used by the NDP MLA’s are legal,used by Tories are illegal.
     Did the caucus decide ,let us collectively do these terrible things in one great Collective Act of Nefarious Badness?
    As a lawyer Gormley should recognise kangaroo courts,  show trials, gross violations of due process, violations of the principle, innocent until proven guilty. He should be outraged by suppression of evidence, cruelty to the accused and their families, refusal to allow the accused information to defend himself and more. As a journalist he knows full well about media hype, smear campaigns and shallow follow- the- herd wannabe writers.
    I have heard many times a bored reporter reading the phrase “ the biggest scandal in Saskatchewan history.” What this scandal is, is never defined. Let me do it for you. The biggest scandal in Saskatchewan history was the corruption and misuse of the court system and even jails by the NDP for political retaliation. It still continues.
    The collective “ crime” of the Devine government was that it existed, that it took power away from the socialists for ten years, and even changed the attitude of a great many people for the good.
    One of the most shameful acts in Saskatchewan is the many non- socialists who did nothing or helped the NDP in their vicious political retaliation. Gay