Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daffodils and other Lessons

March 02,2011
    If you want to see something as welcome as daffodils in the spring in a grey world click on to Lifesite news, Spiritdaily, Fr. Z, U.K. pro- life web and more for the Pro-Life Flash Mob in Chicago.  We don’t take credit for the event but we had something to do with the existence of one of the organisers. Br. Joshua Caswell went among the anti- life demonstrators wearing a black sweater covering his collar with his cassock tucked up and in it. At the right moment he let down the cassock skirt over his pants. You can see him and hear his voice in the news clips. .
    Further to what Gormley isn’t telling you in his truncated expose of the NDP: Many people have said that the things that are happening and have happened to me and to us are a “wake-up call.” In fact many worse things have happened to many people in Saskatchewan. It will take many more books to tell the story. There are many politicians in the Devine government who have endured trumped up charges, intimitating RCMP, once considered friends or at least  the finest, most respected police force in the world, courts without justice, no legal council, jail and more. The most obvious and public example was Colin Thatcher, son of courageous Premier Ross Thatcher, who was convicted of killing his wife. Colin was not proven guilty but no one came forward and volunteered to have admitted to have done the crime so he was convicted. Now I don’t have any special knowledge of the case but a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Colin was not proven guilty. Ergo, Colin is, to us, innocent.
    There are others who have fled the province, are sick of the whole affair , want to patch up their life and live in peace, believe that people will tar them as criminals no matter what is said.and believe, quite correctly, that they will not get a hearing in the media.
    Then there is Jack Wolfe. Jack was told by the RCMP that they were going to put handcuffs on him and take him to jail while his family watched. He killed himself. No one will ever know what was the real alleged crime if any.
    I tell what the NDP is doing to me because I don’t have permission or access to tell other people’s stories. It takes more than a few electoral wins to stop NDP - Lib terrorism in the North. NDP Premier Blakeney gave the North to the radicals of his supporters. These people have run the North with the ethics of hard core Communists of which many were and are. If there is a law they didn’t like they simple ignored it or applied it only to their enemies. That includes laws against drugs, confiscation of public and church property, the right to parental choice in education, freedom of religion and more.
    Just a little review: On April 23,2009 NDP leader,  Dwain Lingenfelter was in La Ronge. When we going home in a blizzard a LLRHA ( NDP stronhhold) truck passed us. When we got home our locks had been changed. John Caswell climbed on the outside railing, broke a window and climbed in to the office. He went to the door, and let me in. We unpacked $3000 worth of groceries. John changed the locks. The next day the RCMP and head of LLRHA , Skogstad came and charged me, yes me, not John, with breaking and entering.  Photo available complete with handcuffs. John, appropriately, saves his wife and himself  from death. No one is ever charged with seeking shelter in a blizzard especially when it happens to be your own home. He protects supplies paid by donations. Then I am charged with breaking - and- entering. Now no judge or anyone else would believe that I climbed on an outside railing while swirling snow stopped visibility I get virtigo climbing on a kitchen stool and reaching for the chili. The office window is only so large.  But the important issue is that a former Conservative MLA and present Conservative Loud Mouth can be charged. The results and the why can be made- up later. Obviously the police action had nothing to do with law- and- order but was about continuing political terrorism. Just an example to remember. Gay