Thursday, March 3, 2011

Minister of Justice Must be Replaced

March 03,2011
    Today we got an expected letter. The Ministry of Justice through the Consumer’s Branch has vetoed our continuing registration as a registered school. The letter states we can reapply . We are immediately reapplying and are in the process as of now.. There will be no interruption of the school, or any of the programmes.
    The Ministry of Justice through the Consumer’s Branch gave us an impossible criteria to have a Chartered Accountant review all our years of operation. We have the financial statements We have a chartered accountant.But we cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars that it would cost. Nobody, no organisation in Saskatchewan is required to do this. The chartered accountant has stated that at best they only ask for three year of review to reinstate a corporation. Our non- profit corporation should never have been pulled twice. It is still valid federally and Canada Revenue Agency has approved our financial statements each year.
    Some staff in Consumer’s Branch are doing this because they have a vendatta against people who take a Christian view of sexual morality. So be it. We have ministers to run the department. Why is Don Morgan consistently letting unethical civil servants run rough shod over other people’s human rights including the fundamental issue of the right to have a Catholic school. Why does not Premier Brad Wall get a new Minister of Justice. Don Morgan has not changed any attitude, policy or action that the NDP Ministers of Justice have done or would do. 
    There are two outstanding issues:
    1. Staff in Consumer’s Branch can veto an educational decision when they have no commitment, expertise, or good will towards some schools. This must be changed.
    2. There are many people who can replace Don Morgan as Minister of Justice. It is time Morgan is replaced with someone who is willing to run the department in a direction of basic human rights and respect for the law. Gay