Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another dead white buffalo

June 12,2012
    The Take Back the North Crowd aka NDP have posted their latest scheme at the store bulletin board.   The NDP oops I mean Northern Lights School Division hired a teacher who sailed in three or four years ago with a statue of Mary on her dash board. In those three years she hasn’t talked to the lay Catholic missionaries once let alone visit or say a rosary with us.She did however report me when I phoned her once.
     This school term it was posted that they wanted a local person to be a reading tutor. This was surprising because I thought that was why they hired Rose Campbell whose statue and pretense of community is long gone. They hired two outside teacher aids, very nice friendly girls. The friendly may be why they keep having to switch them.
    For ten years we ran very successful summer camps In the best years we had a priest and six weeks of camp. People would travel sometimes through forest fires five hundred miles to come. Sometimes we taught people to read in a few weeks within the constant goal of teaching people to know, love and serve God.  For sixteen years we have ran regular school in a regular schedule that included more teaching days than provincial requirement. We have taught a lot of people to read and read well whether or not they continued to graduation at Our Lady of the North School.
    Our phones are tapped, our classrooms are tapped. There is constant paid spying either by money, drugs or immunity from criminal action. We had emphatically stated that we did not want our students’ names released by Dept.of Education officials because our students and their families would be harrassed. They would always promise and do exactly the opposite. There are constant schemes to find out what texts and workbooks we use.Friendly and open visits would have given them all the information and more. We love talking about our resources.  Our classroom most certainly was tapped this fall. Children were told to be insulting, and cry loud  if they were sent to the corner. In exchange for NDP support and pulling their children the parents were promised  another public house other than their health hazard one.
    Now Rose ( no Mrs.or last name allowed in the state school) seemingly has everything going for her. The children don’t get recess,she has plenty of time to teach them to read and low attendance with small enrollment. But apparently that’s not enough. There is now supposedly six(6) weeks of literacy camp financed by Northern Lights, Pahkisimon Library and the Province. Read financed by your taxes, your taxes and your taxes.  They are hiring a local person as  supervisor at $20 /hr and an assistant at $16/hr. Duties include clerical work including ten hours ,10 HOURS! of paper work on the last day. The purpose of this camp is not literacy. They had ten months to do that. The purpose is to monitor and organise the people of the community to make sure they do not go to Our Lady of the North School or be influenced by us. The purpose also is to spend a great deal of time and tax payer money to make it look that the successes we’ve had of teaching people to read are credited to them. The clerical work is to gather data on children and families for their own political and social control reasons.
    This is a disgraceful waste of taxpayer money. It shows no respect for true learning. If they were above board they would talk to us and go where they are needed. On Sunday we passed the very expensive White Buffalo youth centre on 20 th. St, in Saskatoon. It was empty and dead. Close by we saw elders, adults and children streaming out of City Centre, a Christian work. They had smiles and bags of food left over from Sunday meal.  Inside we had found happy, hardworking staff none paid by your taxes.
    These dead white buffalos imposed on our communities are beginning to smell. Gay.