Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mr. Nice Guy gets the shaft.

June 14,2012
    How to succeed in the North: 1. If you’re smart and educated don’t let anyone know.
                    2. Do drugs
                                                            3. Do what your controllers tell you.
    John Caswell B.Sc. et c. has been working in the water treatment plant often doing more than the main operator, Kevin Lindskog who in turn is supervised by Mel Piper. Town administrator Val Antoniuk who among other things backed people selling drugs and alcohol from the town hall and finances a camp yearly that is noted as an extended alcohol and drug camp sees her mandate to keep the North as was : doped, drunk and NDP safe. She promised John that the municipal office would fund his getting his Level 1 WTP Operator. She reneged on the promise so John studied on his own for two months, challenged the exam when he went to the WTP workshop , wrote the three hour exam and after a month was sent a mark of 88 %.  It is computer marked so we can assume that it was a fair marking. Mr. Piper who has a level 2 became nervous about his job although John had the highest respect for him and thought he was a friend. Mel Piper knows about survival in the North. He does what he is told.
    Kevin Lindskog was housed in Saskatoon, took the course, got into trouble with the law and ended up in court on criminal charges. He encouraged him so he would not serve time in jail. He is scheduled for a mandatory stint in a Drug Treatment Centre. John was going to be working full time so Kevin would not lose his job.
    Mel asked John to operate the plant at Brabant Lake and at Missinippi for three days. He went to work at 5am , worked on Saturday until 12 here then drove for an hour and worked at Misssinippi for two hours. Then we went on to Saskatoon as we did so we passed Mel Piper and gave him the Missinippi key.
    John was told even though he wrote the exam he had to apply for certification. For years the NDP have been telling people that John and I really aren’t teachers. We’re just pretending and John has a grade 10. The problem was the present government easily found his teaching certification and former students of our kept cropping up from Patuanak, Red Earth et c.  John was tired of this so in his certification papers he included his B.Sc. Degree and more. John took a lot of classes in the Health Sciences but he was not allowed to get into Medical School or get an RN because of his pro- life views and activity .Pro- life  Professors met with me when I was an MLA and told me that John was being deliberated pushed out with absurd failures in some classes.
    Anyway Mr. Caswell has more than enough education to be a principal, supervisor of renewed Catholic Schools and a WTP operator. The Northern elite were not amused.
    An hour ago John got a phone call from Ms. Antoniuk stating that John left on a switch on that could have got damage. She claims that he is the only one with a key. That is not quite accurate. Mr. Piper has a key and obviously began to see John as a threat. In addition Ms. Antoniuk has a blatent political agenda which makes her particularly antagonistic to Mr. & Mrs. C.  She would not fire him because that would be a move that could be challenged.
    John reported this to me and went on an errand. There is one thing that Ms. Antoniuk did not make clear. I phoned her and asked her does this mean John will not get his certification. She would not say yes or no. She said that we would take a step back for a few months until everyone calms down. I said that the only one who isn’t calm is I. I forgot about the people who were mad that they couldn’t stop John from being the policing representative, that the mission is still operating and that there is a lot of enthusiasm for the Gospel Jamboree.
    So there . Just because you’re sober, responsible, educated and jolly well too much of nice guy doesn’t mean you can get a Certification paper when there are  drunks, druggies and NDPers who are angling for your job.  Gay