Monday, June 18, 2012

Linda Gibbons, Canada's Edith Cavell

June 17,2012
    The headline is Linda Gibbons loses in Supreme Court. In one small issue Linda Gibbons has lost. It was determined that it is acceptable for Ontario courts to put Linda Gibbons in jail for disobeying a court order based on a civic law. That is a very dangerous ruling and makes all of us vulnerable to some very foolish civic laws. However, remember in Canada we are as bullied by irrational Supreme Court rulings as much as we want to be. We have the power through the Notwithstanding Clause to overturn a ruling that destroys 145 years of the separation of civil and criminal law found in the British North America Act 1867.
    There are many large issues concerning Linda Gibbons that have not been addressed and to my knowledge have not even been discussed in any court of law. Under Natural Law people everywhere have a right to Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech. These rights were put in the Diefenbaker Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights of 1982. They did not originate there . They are intrinsic in the sacredness and dignity of the human person. The Nuremberg Trial after World War II proclaimed that there is a Law beyond the laws of a country. The Nazii war criminals did everything according to what was legal. Hitler came to power legally. Yet autrocities are autrocities. We are created with a Law written in our hearts.
    Linda Gibbons according to her conscience is compelled to encourage women not to go inside a Toronto abortuary and kill their babies. She is operating according to religious convictions and is exercising her right of freedom of expression . She is standing on a public sidewalk that does not belong to the abortuary. That sidewalk belongs to her as much as to any person in Canada. She is not trespassing on private property. How can an abortuary confiscate public property and declare that they can determine what conversation and what people can participate on property belonging to the people? What right has Ontario legislatures and courts to give public property to a private business?
    The Charter states everyone has a right to life. Linda Gibbons is working to secure that right for the unborn . She is the one who is working to protect human rights. She is being stopped and her own rights are being violated.
    In World War I there was a nurse called Edith Cavell in Belgium who helped Canadian and British pilots to find safety and eventually return to their countries. She saved at least 200 airmen . She ran a hospital and nursing school where she cared for German soldiers as well as allied soldiers. The German pilots were not in danger because they occupied Belgium. Without any evidence or logic she was accused and convicted of being a spy. She was immediately  taken before a firing squad of 12 German soldiers and was shot. This outraged the world so much that enlistment jumped in Britain by 10,000 a day. Canadians charged across No Man’s Land shouting her name. Her treatment showed people what the enemy was like and facilitated the entry of the U.S. in the last 19 months of a four year war.
    Linda Gibbons is still alive. She has not been shot by 12 Canadian soldiers. But she is a living martyr tortured by many court appearances, many holding cells, many crass and incomplete rulings that determine her constitutional rights are null and void. She has spent more time in jail than many convicted murderers. Her health is not good. So in 2012 how do we treated our Gandhi? Our Edith Cavell? Our Slave Abolitionist? Linda doesn’t even get her constitutional rights discussed in a court of law. Henry Morgenthaler who falsified his records to graduate from Medical School  has murdered hundreds of thousands Canadians. He is given the Order of Canada. Linda Gibbons is given a life sentence of petulant legal harassment because she wants to save mothers and their children from the horrors of abortion. Canada, not Linda Gibbons is on the stand and is found  guilty. Gay