Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day Glo Drug Culture Pusher

June 21,2012
    At the June 18, Local Advisory Ctte. Meeting Administrator Val Antoniuk showed her colours in day glo tyrant. She and Calvin Cook were at the door as the best of buds. She declares “ Meet your new maintenance man!” Fait accompli.  Mayor Solomon Hardlotte had resigned because of her, She had Mel Piper take picture of the dock which was tied by sideline to show what incompetent slobs we are in Brabant Lake . People had been working on the dock but were waiting for bolts to finish the job. Val didn’t bother to bring them and besides it would wreck her photo opportunity.
     When John Caswell asked what reason had he lost his job at the Water Treatment Plant she said that she wouldn’t show the report because it would go in Gay’s blog. In other words she knew that she didn’t have a justifiable reason so she didn’t want it exposed. Val declared that she does not do drugs and doesn’t even drink.. Now I do not recall every mentioning Val’s personal life style. We travel different circles politcally, socially and financially. Val however has an impressive track record of keeping drugs flowing in, around and through Brabant Lake.
    John brought up the fact that Calvin Cook had been kicked out of Grandmother’s Bay for selling cocaine. Val declared: “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT DRUGS. YOU CAN STOP RIGHT THERE!”
    Calvin didn’t deny it . He said that he had a hard time paying his bills with EI
( Employment Insurance) and other work so he left. The implication was he couldn’t help selling drugs because he didn’t have as much money as he liked, and that’s why he needs to take away three jobs from Brabant Lake people.
    Since Solomon resigned as chairman the procedure is the deputy chairman becomes the Acting chairman until the next election. But Val declares “ Now who wants to be chairman!” The other councillors all assumed that John should be the chairman. Val was acting like Calvin was was on council although he doesn’t even live here.
    Calvin is waiting for a public house but he hasn’t done his income tax yet. He’s afraid his official income even without the cocaine profit money might disqualify him for reduced rent?
    John is the chairman and is technically Calvin’s boss but you can be sure Val will make sure that the work sheets will go straight to her.
    Councillor Peter McKenzie stated that he was aware of Calvin’s drug habits since he grew up with him. We are also aware of his drug culture upbringing. He did not finish hrs engineering course and wrote a very sloppy resume.
    At one time it was assumed by some people that you can get away with anything in Brabant Lake except sobriety and industry. Those days are long since gone. We always  have had very competent hardworkers. Although there are feuds and squabbles among ourselves Val Antoniuk destain for us is a disgrace. She should not be allowed to have anything to do with this village. More than once she has refused any input from local people. She apparently was one of the people who wanted me in jail because she doesn’t like my blog. Val is a public servant getting paid handsomely by the public. She should not be surprised that she has to deal with occasional public criticism. “If you can’t stand the heat , get out of the kitchen”. Val has nothing but contempt for basic democratic principles and civil liberties.  She should resign and resign immediately or be fired.
    It is very clear that the drug culture was imposed on northerners by an elite. Val is a prime example of a drug culture pusher.  Gay