Sunday, June 24, 2012

D-Day June06,2012

June 24,2012
Fete de St. Jean Baptiste,
    On June 06, 1944 Canadian soldiers landed at Juno Beach in Normandy, France. Other Allied troops had their own logistics that day to begin the victory of the liberation of Europe from the Naziis. Only the Canadians completely met their objectives that day but henceforth the allied victory of WWII was assured.
    On June 06, 2012 one of the most important  victories since that D- Day of 68 years ago occurred.  Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights code making alleged thoughts and  possible motives not actions potentially criminal was defeated in the House of Commons. The author of the private member’s bill was Conservative MP Brian Storseth. The vote was 153- 136. The Conservatives voted for it. The NDP voted against it. The Liberals that created the evil monster of section 13 which spawned a plague of thought police over the land played coy, kept silent and voted a firm wishy- washy. 
    When husband John read me Mark Steyn’s article in MacLean’s (June 25,,12) the fear and oppression of of living in Thought Police Saskatchewan was released in a flood of tears.
     I never saw Levant’s story on U- tube but I survived my own. On March 17, 2012  I was delivered papers that stated I was to go to jail, On March 27 I thought I was making a quick phone call to ask for an adjournment . Instead I was hearing a voice of someone claiming to be a judge and another claiming to be lawyer Zatlyn but sounded like his client, spewing unmitigated hate and fury. Nothing could move them. Nothing could kick in their reasoning process. When I mentioned that I needed time to restablise my diabetes they were like wolves smelling the blood of a wounded deer. They were out for the kill. Literally. They knew once in jail there were many ways to facilitate my death. The inmates were the least of my worries.
    John and I fled to Calgary with my foot oozing gangrene across two provinces. We went to MP Kenny’s office. We went to PM Harper’s Office. It was Budget Day in Ottawa. But the staff had heard the news of the threat to me and my blog. When I was not  allowed to have a defence  in my Dial- a- Conviction event I put down the phone and sent a news relase to all media, large and small  in Saskatchewan. People were infuriated by what was happening.
    I was asked why didn’t I go to Rob Clarke MP do something about this. If I had gone to Rob Clarke’s office in La Ronge in 5 minutes his staff would have had the perpetrators bullying them.
    John and I opposed the powers of the Human Rights Commission from its inception. And they opposed us from the beginning. A self appointed undercover person went to a meeting of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Rights (supposedly independent). The meeting was in the boardroom of the Human Rights Commission in the Sturdy-Stone Building. They were discussing the offensive Knights of Columbus pro- life floats at local fairs. THE COMMONWEALTH ( NDP's Pravda) called me a racist because I opposed the HRC. An NDPer called George Hickie wrote and asked why did that make Gay Caswell a racist? Good question. I had got over hating Whiteys years ago and the Hickies got over being NDP I believe.
    Former Minister of Justice Don Morgan said if the Human Rights Commission is dissatisfied with the result of their secret hearings they can use the Court of Queen’s Bench. We thought that meant he was for Due Process. Apparently he gave a carte blanche to use the power and prestige of the court to order jail, take away computers and destroy blogs without defence and proper trial. Anti- sodomite Bill Whatcott was exonerated in the Court of Appeals. Under Morgaan’s reign the HRC kicked it to the Supreme Court. It is still there. Does a former alcoholic have the right to discuss the harmful effects of his drinking even if it offends the Bartender’s Association? Do former abortionists have a right to expose the horrors of their once business? Does former homosexual Whatcott have a right to warn people ot the use of children in ads placed by some homosexuals and lesbians? The war isn’t over but on June 06 , 2012 Freedom Allies had a decisive Victory Offensive.  Gay