Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bullying vs Free Speech

June 26,2012
    It is far more dangerous in the North to say things that the elite do not like than to kill someone.
    When three young men were ordered to kill us and me in particular they were told “Nobody care about her. Nothing will happen to you.” Lawyer Johnson’s entire defence was producing an article that was published in the Brabant Lake Times and by another newspaper. It among other things criticised the mounties. He was creating the mileu that we deserve to be killed because we criticise practices in the North. Now if that was the defence it is considerable evidence that the three men were ordered to kill us. They’re not the type that  break down doors because the Law may be annoyed. We never thought and do not think that  the mounties ordered the killing. In this case two mounties saved our lives. But the most frightening thing was a lawyer in a court of law was producing an article to establish that we should be dead and therefore the three presumably  were merely doing a public service. The judge didn’t go along with Johnson’s illogic.
    Two Easter’s ago we were passing out catechism materials, sacramentals, Easter candy and pro- life newspapers in two communities. The criticism reached Saskatoon and Chicago that we were abusing Easter by passing out materials in defence of Life. Marcy Millette then Vice- President of Sask Pro- Life snapped “ You were lucky that you weren’t hauled before the Human Rights Commission.”  For some, pro- life sentiments end North of Prince Albert. A similar criticism and “ exposure “ was made that we put religious and pro- life  materials in Christmas packets.
    Not everyone is muzzled. If you’re of the La Ronge elite you can say anything you want. Val Antoniuk comes into our community and tells the Acting Mayor and Policing Representative that he can’t say anything about drugs.
     Solomon Hardlotte was described to us by a pilot as “ the toughest person he ever met.” In a snow storm and spring slush he led stranded pilots and himself to safety.  Solomon is the one who found the lode stream that created the BINGO mine.  She “forgot” but remembered to ask her helper Mel Piper to take a picture of an incomplete dock as evidence of Solomon’s supposed incompetence.
    John Caswell has been working at the Water Treatment Plant for over two years. He once had arthritis so bad that he had difficulty walking across the living room floor. He is essentially recovered but is still  getting stronger and more agile every month . Nobody complained about his performance. Then it was established that he has as many credentials or more than other operators. Val publicly abused him about what he couldn’t lift by himself in a long litany. She and Mel have decided that John is “ a threat to public safety”.
    So last night we had a taste of Val’s idea of public safety. It was reported,  Kevin and his brother Calvin who now run the WTP and more were bombing around on a quad at 5AM cutting the corners to almost a life threatening spill. At 6 am they were in the plant. An early start on reads? Or getting more supplies for their carousing? John Caswell, the WTP representative on council had to hand in his key to Kevin . John won’t be able to check out any extra supplies stored so conveniently near the village entrance. Kevin went across the street of his house and beat to death a neighbour’s dog on her property. Then he threw the dog carcass at the dump. Booze and drugs are being passed out to sabotoge the Gospel Jamboree.
    It won’t be sabotoged. Rev. Custer is giving a Communion Service at the mission’s St. Joseph Chapel. There will be packets for each attendee to take back to his community. Sorry no candy available but the usual life and faith materials.  Cariboo cabbage rolls, turkey and more are being produced for two days of meals, July 1 and 2. See you here.  Gay