Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Attacking by rerouting Her Majesty's Mail

July 11, 2012
    It is a serious crime to tamper with the mail. We have endured a lot of tampering in the sixteen years that we have lived in the North. We reported, complained and publicised. We thought things were improving. We were wrong. Like many other situations in the North to report a criminal act or even a mere incompetence or sloppiness is a serious matter. There are many ways one can face retaliation.  There are many ways a disgruntled postal worker can get at us. A donor’s cheque never appears.  A stamp or twenty is removed et c.
    Two weeks ago we discovered that a registered letter dated January 16 from Canada Revenue Agency arrived in the La Ronge Post Office. It is claimed that John Caswell signed for the letter. We received another letter in which that registered letter was returned to us with a statement that since the charity no longer exists and the mail was returned c. . The envelope has our address stroked off with the postal notice of return to sender. John never signed for that letter, or heard about it although we were in town January 27 and neither of us directed a letter unopened  from CRA to be returned. The only explanation is someone in the La Ronge Post Office sent it back because they knew it would cause us trouble. The contents of that letter have been discussed and spread by the usual dissinformation routes long before now.
    We have written letters to the Archbishop which were publicly discussed before it could have possibly reached Le Pas. Manitoba.
    I wrote a letter to then Canadian Ambassador to the USA, Frank McKenna. It was discussed before a very nasty unambassodorial letter appeared.
    We have appealed in writing to CRA  year after year immediately upon received statements that claim we owe more money than we have made for twenty years or never. We then get letters that the time for appeal has expired. We thought things would improve when the Tories came into power. I sent an Appeal to Kelowna, B.C.   I never heard from them. But I did get a phone call in which a woman phoned me and told me that your appeal is denied and that we can’t claim unpayed services as expense. We've been doing that for sixteen years. I checked the number by star 69. It was a Regina number. I phoned the number and got Legal Aid. I never heard from Kelowna.
    I wrote a letter to the present Minister responsible for CRA in the fall. I never heard from her office ,not even a macro ‘thank- you for your concerns..” signed by an underling.
    We’ve received phone calls from supposedly CRA on off hours in which we were told that we had to send all our account books to a Calgary address because they need to know who are our biggest donors and all our donors.
    Sometimes the tampering is pure blatent spite. We got many packages of catechism, sacramental and yup, candy from an American who is a disabled Viet Nam veteran. He heard about our mail difficulties and always marks signature required. We have to go to La Ronge ( 175 km away ) to sign and get the box. We hadn’t been able to get to town for a few weeks so we  phoned that we wanted the box and please don’t send it back. We then phoned early Friday and said that we would be in on Saturday morning and would get the box. We got to the Post Office and discovered that the box had been sent back to Illinois Friday evening.  Needless to say he has never sent another.
    Our income tax returns took about 10 minutes each to complete. We discovered today that they have been sent to B.C for special treatment. Why? Well considering all the letters that have been circumvented by the Post Office to various sources from CRA and CRA Charities it should be very interesting.  Well actually very predictable. Just in case things get lost and we get letters stating that the Appeal time is over we’re appealing before we get the letter. There you read that. We have already sent an Appeal to Charities and mailed it outside of La Ronge.  We are not responsible for criminal tampering of our mail.
    The Charity is alive and well. We have no intention of liquidating the mission’s assets. We are in the process of expansion.  The on site operators continue and will continue to be John and Gay Caswell. We are still keeping proper financial records because that is what a charity and a business is supposed to do. When we die the assets will go to our designated charity .
    We owe CRA nothing but they still owe me money from about 2004. It was the anti- gun registry cartoon that began the difficulty with my forms.
    We do however want a thorough and complete investigation of criminal activity in the La Ronge Post Office.  We asked who was the person responsible? We were told “ Celine” . We asked how was her last name spelled? We were told that they were busy. I trust some serious police investigation ordered from Ottawa would get a little farther. Gay