Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Glorious Summer and Struggles by John Caswell

                                                                                                   Feast of St. Augustine
Dear Friends and Supporters,     
           We have had a glorious summer here at Brabant Lake on the 56th parallel. Our garden continues to grow amazingly. We had a  Gospel Jambouree and great Vacation Bible school “Put on the Whole Armour of God”  We were able  to witness our Daughter’s Final Vows  with the  Dominican Sisters of Mary thanks to Father Philips of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius letting our  Religious sons use their trip-home tickets for us to visit there.
  As you may know Gay and I continue to run a school and mission Our Lady of the North School in Northern Saskatchewan and we have an exciting new year beginning with students coming or returning. We get no government funds, but count on donations to keep going. Our struggles this year are as follows:
  • We run on propane for heat at the school, but have not been able to pay the rest of last years bill ($1496.00)due to decreased income. (A full year costs over $6000)
  • Part time income from working at the Water Treatment Plant which we used to fund the school last year has ceased leaving us $500.00 down per month.
  • Gay, whose health has recovered, still needs a special diet some of which we can grow locally but much we need to buy down south.
  • We have not had the extra funds to put out our newsletter yet this summer. The Brabant Lake Times helps us to keep in touch with other supporters. It costs about 1200.00 to produce and send out each issue. We try to put out at least 4 issues a year.
  • And pensions have been reduced because they calculated in income I would have gotten.
Can you please help us meet this shortfall with whatever you can afford?

Either send by cheque to Our Lady of the North School Box 627 Brabant Lake SK, Canada  S0J 1L0 or Use PayPal to send to mission@ourladyweb.com
                                                               Thank you, Yours in Christ, John Caswell