Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hon. Flaherty, You do the Math

August 26,2012
    I have sent by mail every Member of Parliament of all parties copies of all the e- mails and blogs that pretained Bill C-279. I hope that you are still praying for the 15 Tories that voted for this thing. I hope that you are still praying for your MP of whatever party that he is. If you are in Saskatchewan you can spend your time praying for that province under demonic siege or under Premier McGuinty. It’s called Ontario. Saskatchewan people have traditionally not prayed for Ontario but we are a generous people. Our MP’s vote the right way with the exception of that perennial socialist Liberal, Goodale. We happen to be the only province with a balanced budget. Ontario is in economic turmoil. Quebec won’t even tell the truth about its economic disaster. It is being threatened by the possibility of a P.Q. ( Parti Quebecois) win. The P.Q. has admitted it’s not Canada they hate but Christianity. They have a campaign promise to take down all the crosses in Quebec. Now that will give the corrupt building industry more government contracts.
    In 1929 Saskatchewan under the Independent Anderson government with Masonic and KKK members passed Bill 1 which proclaimed all crucifix will go down in schools. Saskatchewan went from being the third largest population to the province to drought, economic collapse and mass exodus for those who still  had two horses to pull their vehicle.  The world wide depression of the 30's hit all provinces but none so drastically as  Saskatchewan.  People were literally starving. It is not a good idea to remove crosses
    This is not a digression but leads us to one of the 15 Tory MP’s who voted for “poor little bullied children” and strengthened their powerful predators.  Hon. Jim Flaherty happens to be the Minister of Finance from Whitby - Oshawa.  That is the prosperous union seat from whence come our vehicles. We passed through there and ate a meal: big generous helpings, customers include Dad with massive biceps, Mom and the children.  These people seem to clearly know about Male and Female and no in between. It is a seat that has been held by the NDP who are confused by these things. It would seem Hon. Flaherty needs to explain that the NDP do not share your values and do not vote for your families . He does not need to mimic the NDP at its crucial weakness, moral depravity.
    Flaherty voted as a private member on a private members’ bill. However what he did would have serious economic consequences if C-279 was allowed to pass a Third Reading.
So the professional predators convince Johnny that he is really Joanny. Since this would be proclaimed “ a right” Johnny is castrated with Medicare funding. What happens when Johnny is a forty year old 500 lb. eunuch with no family? Johnny and others could launch a class action against the government, the schools, the Human Rights Commission and the medical staff.
    People do not like medicare paying for contraception often without parental permission, sterilisation and abortion. Under Bill C- 279 we would have to pay for mutilation of girls and boys and men and women. Of course we may already be doing so.
    Parents would pull their children in droves from public and Catholic schools. There would be a lot of unemployed teachers, principals, administrators, counsellors .
    There would be confusion and resentment in RCMP barracks, military barracks, firehalls and more. Men and women do like to know the sex of the person in the next bunk
    Many restaurants and hotels would close their doors rather than have their establishment a place of possible molestation, rape and confusion
    Because gender confusion would now be“a right” the government would have to defend itself from lawsuits brought on by businesses, families, individuals, and institutions.
Hon Flaherty there is more but you do the Math.  Gay