Friday, August 17, 2012

What do you do with people like this.

August 17,2012
    Val Antoniuk, Municipal Advisor does not think that Brabant Lake deserves democracy or even consultation. She was explaining at the meeting of August 14, 2012 that since we are a Northern Settlement and do not have our own tax base that she can do what ever she wants and any motions, by- laws are really null and void.  Firstly no community in the North whether settlement, hamlet, village or town has its own tax base. There is fund called Northern Revenue Sharing. The reason why there are Local Advisory Committees, elections, meetings et c because there is suppose to be a consultation, discussion, and some decision making process.
    She brought to a meeting with Mr. Henry a huge stack of papers, waved them around and stated that these are all the complaints that people of Brabant Lake wrote against her. She said “WHAT DOES ONE DO WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT!” These letters go back for sometime. Authors include Mayor Solomon Hardlotte, Councillors McKenzie, Charles, Caswell, no doubt blogs by Gay Caswell and from Councillor Caswell and now acting mayor.  There is a petition signed by most adults in Brabant Lake , notable exception are those who are part of the Antoniuk protected drug trade. Now the usual answer to what one does with people like our articulate, independent, and literate Brabantese is one listens to them, takes their complaints seriously and corrects the situation.
    Antoniuk has decided what one does with people who are ethical and care enough to write about injustices, corruption and the drug trade is to control them completely. Without anyone’s knowledge while John Caswell was chairman of the Gospel Jamboree Antoniuk was filling out forms which name another chairman who does not live here. That person will probably get $1400 in a federal grant or a large part. Joyce McLeod apparently got some for a culture camp which hasn’t happened yet.
    Antoniuk likes to use other people’s children to get back at them. It is hard to know whom she despises most after I put myself out of the running. Solomon Hardlotte, a respected hardworking Northerner she despises so she appoints his daughter as Secretary of the Community. No one knew about this appointment and no one voted for it.  But there it was. Now we know why Joyce McLeod was told to put out toilet paper on July 01. It’s her job to do all the important things. It was Joyce who gave us the memo that claimed she was to shut out people from the hall at the Jamboree. This didn’t happen. Joyce is also suppose to sign work sheets including apparently her own. This used to be the job of John Caswell. No one told him it was no longer his job or why. Antoniuk may have missed in her large complaint pile that Joyce’s signature was included in people who want her fired.
    No one could stand being at the meeting and only John Caswell stayed to the end. It has taken him days to tell all the offal from a male cow that was aired. Councillor McKenzie  had pictures of the mess that was once the tidy organised dump. Antoniuk says that Calvin Cook her protected, cannot pick up loose wood because he hasn’t had his shots yet and he might get tetanus Now since Calvin has been given three jobs once done by others it would seem that he could get work boots and shots like other people do. But Calvin who was kicked out of Grandmother’s Bay for cocaine dealing does not have to do as others do. Antoniuk’s solution is to hire a bull dozer for a little job that others did on an ongoing basis. Aren’t workboots a little cheaper than hiring bull dozers ?
    Calvin got into a little trouble at the Water Treatment Plant so he was going to phone John to help him. Antoniuk stopped him and had him phone someone on holidays in B. C.. It is clear that Antoniuk will never let John work at the Plant. Meanwhile a well known drug dealer is manning the WTP in Missinipi. Front street, private office and phone, excuse to travel. business. Safe Water has become an excuse for Safe Drugs Trade.  Gay