Monday, August 13, 2012

Religious Liberty and Freedom of Association

August 13,2012
    Bill C-279 , an act to put gender expression and gender identity in the Canadian Human Rights Code is a complete violation of Religious Liberty and Freedom of Association.
Firstly Gender Identity is already covered in the Charter of Rights when it states that anything in this Charter equally applies to men and women. The Charter states there are two (2)  genders: men and women or male and female. All rights and responsibilities equally apply to both genders. That’s it. No female infanticide, no honour killings et c.
    There is nothing in the Charter that stipulates a third gender or fourth or fifth or mixture thereof. One is either male or female. Without gender expression and identity in any law the Supreme Court established by divination, implication, extrapolation or wishful thinking that men can “marry” men, women can “ marry” women. Being a bride or a groom is the most gender specific role in life. Marriage is the union that requires by definition a male and a female. When the Supreme Court made such an abtuse ruling there was no reason why the then Majority Liberal government needed to put same sex “ marriage”into law. The Supreme Court makes opinion and the legislatures are to implement them IF THEY SO DESIRE. All that had to be done was to state “ Notwithstanding the Charter” and go on with life.
    If same- sex “ marriage” could be done without “ gender expression and gender identity” in the Human Rights Code, then anything can be done in that area without this added danger.
    RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: Some churches and faith communities are very specific about the role of men and women in the practice of their faith.  The most obvious is the Catholic Church. Priests are men. End of discussion and the discussion is not opened by coercion by the State.  If a woman can decide “ Today, I am Man. Hear me enter the Seminary” then the law and courts would try to force the Catholic Church and the Seminary to accept this woman who has declared that she is a man. It goes on and on. A woman declared man can insist on sleeping in male dormitories, go to male dressing rooms and washrooms et c. Other churches, including the Church of Christ and various other denominations do not allow women to take a leadership role in worship as do Muslim mosques and Jewish Synagogues.  Whether this is a good idea or not is none of the government’s business. The Cross is above the Crown.  The Church must be independent of the government in religious matters.
    The Ontario government is virtually destroying the Catholicity of Catholic Schools. The Right to Catholic Schools and the right of Catholic Schools to be Catholic are entrenched in Canadian Law and Tradition pre- Confederation and to this day. The Ontario government committed to” gender expression “ at any cost is in a coercive rage against Christianity. It doesn’t attempt to hide it. The enemy is the Christian God. A judge tells a housewife with a little baby that she must go to jail for 3 months because she tried to politely convince a woman not to kill her child. He begins the court by stating  “ YOUR GOD IS WRONG”.
    There is no need for the Federal government to experiment with “ gender expression”. We can watch the slaughter of civil liberties in Ontario.
FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Men can go into a Men’s Business Club and expect to find men only there as can women expect to find women only in a Ladies’ Bible Class unless a person of the opposite sex is specifically invited. It is called Freedom of Association. People can associate in defined ways by choice. And one choice is women like to find women and girls in the Ladies’ washroom . A male predator would only need a dress up to have access to a mileu for sex crimes.
    Girls and women play many sports that at one time were not common activities. They play soccer and hockey in local leagues and in the Olympics.  However women do not play Hockey . They play Women’s Hockey, Women’s Soccer et c. If a man can state “I’m a woman. Here’s your star defence, girls” our teams will not be welcome in international sports and parents will not put effort into local sports clubs. People know that females are females, males are males and nothing is going to change that in the real world . Sports where people want to compete and win will be ruined by arbitrary “ females” and “ males”
    Reality can’t be changed by legal fiat. There are no real “ sex changes”, only hurting and exploited people.  Gay